Mind, Body & Spirit health

My Passion is complete Mind, Body & Spirit health, and the realisation that all 3 components are just as important as each other for a balanced, healthy and vital existence. We are living in a new era of life, where ‘’stress management’’ is the new norm. Why is managing stress normal?  We are the only living creatures who have to do this.

We are all spinning so many modern plates in the western world and on the surface, we have never had it so good, so comfortable! With robots, AI and various other gadgets doing all the chores and more, so many luxuries or access to it, yet we seem to be pushed to our limits with stress.


The stress is undercurrent, and we are scared of losing what we have, as we have put our life on the external rather than relying on our own alignment and internal self. We can have it all; the treasures of the world and creation are here for us to enjoy in abundance, but we have gotten to a place where our identity is through the material and not through the different aspect of ourselves, i.e our spirit. We are so attached to the material forms, we panic about what to do if it’s unavailable or out of our means to get, with questions like ‘’Who will I be?’’ and ‘’What is my identity without it?’’.

Through my personal research of life, I see clearly how we operate through a series of programs devised from childhood and what we have been taught by media and society. It’s like a game of life; taking in and absorbing all the information without filters in all areas, building up a picture that might actually not be our own choice eventually. Then we end up as someone we don’t know anymore, we forget the ‘self’. We get physically sick as our bodies just cannot cope with the constant ‘’Fight or Flight’’ stress response which we have created. This can sometimes lead to more serious claims and the birth of our own dis-ease.

It all starts in the mind. We are thinking creatures, these thoughts signal to our sympathetic nervous system, stimulating responses to our overworked adrenal glands and when over stimulated, we burn out. Sometimes we are thinking so much we just bump into things as we are not clear and in flow. Constantly analysing, “What do we look like’’, ‘’Do they like me?’’ ‘’Have I enough money?’’ ‘’Can I pay the rent?’’, He Said, She Said, etc etc etc.

We forget to chill, we have forgotten to be kind to ourselves, to stop and smell the roses. The earth offers us a fantastic array of gifts for free to indulge in, which we totally forget about in times of stress and panic, I know I used to live my life like that.


I came across meditation years ago and received self-realisation, which was part of my seeking journey on the earth, to see the truth of it all. I learnt a lot about vibrations and the spirit within, I loved what I was discovering and found all the knowledge fascinating, from the point of view of a seeker and a creature of expansion wanting to explore my mind and self more, and why I operate the way I do.

I started researching the subconscious mind through different teachers and found the knowledge to be the missing link for me in regards to the mind part of it all. How do we get over our minds or start to unravel the layers we have created throughout ourselves, all of which started in the mind, the power house of our lives we create.

Access Conciousness

I came across Access Consciousness in December 2018, after a random conversation with a colleague. She asked if I had done Access Bars, as she knew I wanted to discover a modality that I could use alongside my coaching. Within a few weeks I had done my initial training and had my bars run.

What are Access Bars?

The Bars are 32 bars across the head which all relate to a category of life, i.e: money, creativity, body, sexuality, relationships & healing to name but a few.

Each thought, idea, attitude, decision or belief that you have fixed in place solidifies the energy and limits your capacity to be generative in that area. The purpose of a Bars session is to clear those points, allowing new ideas to come, and to invite people to receive with ease instead of doing, doing, doing and chasing their tail needlessly.

What happens in an Access Bars Session?

What does a bars session do? The Bars takes all the considerations, thoughts, feelings, emotions, decisions, judgements and beliefs from any lifetime, that are electrically stored in the brain and releases them. This release occurs when the bars are touched, it allows the stored junk to be released.

I feel I can safely say or call it massive coincidence, that my personal journey has transformed so much since December when I first had my bars run. They say it can change your whole life, and through the tools and different processes that Access Consciousness has to offer, I feel I have more confidence to be me and not so swayed by others opinions about how I should live my life. With love and consciousness, realising that I had programmed myself down the line as a victim and realising I had grown out of this but did not know how to get out of this until Access showed up in my life.

Money also started to show up, as my money file has been deleted. Now I feel free of blocks and able to create and ask questions on how to keep creating income streams. My oh my, how my life has changed, only 3 years ago I was struggling to get credit on my mobile weekly!

I feel our natural state is being present in our magic, and our body lets us know when we are in flow, conscious and creating.