Animal Reiki

Animal Communication
Written by Stacey-Adele

My name is Stacey-Adele and I run an animal Reiki business called Hamish’s Holistic Healing. I do both in person and distance Reiki and specialise in reptiles and birds, although I have worked with other animals including dogs and ponies.

Animal Reiki

Animal Reiki uses the same principles as human Reiki although the animals have a greater tendency to know where they need it and will direct you to specific parts of their body.  I have used Reiki to help injured wild birds at my friends’ animal sanctuary, my own reptiles many of which are rescues with issues, and a number of dogs, ponies and a wild mouse.  I have found that most reptiles seem to prefer short sessions of no more than 20 minutes; birds vary with size with larger birds absorbing Reiki more strongly and over longer time periods, whilst dogs and horses can take a ‘normal’ session of up to an hour.

For those of you who are new to Reiki it is a form of energy healing that involves tapping into the natural energy available in the universe and channelling it for the highest good of the animal (or human) in need.  Reiki works with the body’s chakras and aura and if channelled to a particular chakra or auric layer it can be directed to a specific bodily system.  It is especially powerful for helping with emotional matters as it helps remove energy blockages and can provide whole body balancing from an energy perspective.  It has also been shown to help with relief from injury, to speed up healing and to assist with managing or reducing illness.  Of course as a complementary therapy it should not be relied upon to cure anything and veterinary advice must be sought if your animal is ill.

I have had some powerful results when Reiki has been used alongside traditional medicine especially with injured birds.  Helena is a mute swan that came into my friends’ sanctuary in a state after hitting powerlines.  She was badly injured and separated from her mate (swans mate for life) and was struggling to let humans near her to help. She was also not eating, partially due to a beak injury but also likely due to shock. The first time I held my hand towards her she lunged at me and hissed but within 10 minutes had settled and I felt the Reiki energy start to pull through me and flow into her.  Within another 5 minutes she was moving her beak slowly, fluffed up and snuggled down for a nap.  15 minutes later and she woke up, blinked, mouthed her beak and started to preen.  The energy flow had dropped and I knew she was done for now.  Later that same day she had her first feed in the sanctuary.  I have been back to give her more since and always had the same powerful draw and as she has settled into the sanctuary she has let me come closer and displayed parts of her body she wants work on.  She really understands Reiki and it is definitely helping her, she is a feathered Reiki sponge!

Alongside Reiki I often find myself doing an intuitive animal communication session with my clients.  Intuitive communication involves a mixture of reading body language, picking up on emotions, and more.  The more comes with practice and involves ensuring you are tuned into the animal’s energy, hence why I find it often happens alongside Reiki.  In this way you can pick up on feelings, images and even words or phrases may come to you.  It is kind of like tuning into an old fashioned radio – if you are on the same wavelength you will communicate in the way most natural to you both. For example I have been giving Reiki to my lizard Rex and picked up that he was happy as it was summer and he loves the sun and that his lungs were sore but not in too bad shape.  Rex has lung issues from his life before he came to me and in this session I ‘felt’ the happiness and heard the words ‘I love the sun’ and ‘my lungs are ok, I’m used to them’.

I hope this gives you some insight into my work and the amazing relationships you can build with animals in this way.  For more information or to book a session of Reiki for your special companions contact me at or via 07792197822 or Information on my qualifications, background experience and prices etc. are available on my website. Please remember though that Reiki is a complementary therapy and your first port of call must be your veterinarian. I am more than happy to work with vets in specific treatment plans if requested.