Cosmic Kids

A few days ago I posted an article about free online classes from Do Yoga With Me aimed at adults. I am also keen to share with you articles about Yoga and Meditation for children. Whilst doing research I came across a wonderful site called Cosmic Kids Yoga and thought I would share it with you.

Brain child of Jaime and Martin Amor the website offers free youtube videos to follow with your kids either at home or in a school setting. The videos are completely free to use, which is absolutely great especially as schools (and quite often families) have such limited budgets these days.

Their most recent video is “Star Wars – A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure”.

I love the Star Wars class and think I shall ask my boys to join in with me. I’d like to see for myself the suggested benefits of yoga for kids. My boys have somehow turned into guinea pigs for my research (ooops) however the wonderful bonus is that they may very well benefit from this research and together we can learn a calmer and gentler way of moving through life. Recently I’ve noticed small niggles are making their way into my 9 year olds thoughts, he is struggling to deal with his emotions and I see flashes of anger. Yoga purports to help children deal with emotions and if I can help him develop skills that will enable him to deal with his emotions, make him stand taller, and to not let his anger get the better of him I hope he will carry these skills on into adulthood.