Five ways SUP Yoga can improve your fitness

Paul Ainsworth
Written by Paul Ainsworth

Last year, I discussed the what, the who and the why of SUP Yoga. Over the winter I really missed my SUP Yoga. At the beginning of May, it was such a treat to take out a board and finally return to my practice. The sun was shining, the lake was as flat as the proverbial millpond, and I loved it.

As I packed away my board, I began to consider the reasons I would suggest that people should give SUP Yoga a try. SUP Yoga is fantastic for both fitness and your wellbeing. In this blog I will look at how SUP Yoga can help build your fitness.

  • Burns calories: SUP Yoga is great for burning calories. It is surprising how much it burns in different ways. When you reach the lake or river, you will probably have to carry your board to the water. You will then paddle to where you will undertake your practice. You will do your yoga before completing a second paddle and putting your board back where you found it. All ideal for burning some calories.
  • Increases strength: In the same way that you will burn calories you will also increase your strength but in a very enjoyable way and one that is unlikely to cause injury. Carrying the board, then paddling out, moving through your flow, to paddling back, you will build your strength across different muscle groups.
  • Builds your core: SUP yoga is great for your core strength, but you will not even realise that you are developing this. The act of working to keep your balance from being in tabletop to performing Warrior 2, your core will receive a magnificent work out. When I was at the lake this week, I suggested this as a terrific way for building core strength and a much kinder one than crunches. If you could find an SUP Pilates class, this would be great too.
  • Develops balance: It is harder to stay balanced on the board than on dry land. Hence the balances that you practice on the water will seem much easier when you are next on your yoga mat on the shore. You are likely to focus on balances in a kneeling position to begin with such as a spinal balance or Warrior 1 and Warrior 2 in a kneeling position. Then you will work up to Mountain pose which becomes a challenging balance on the water as does humble warrior. Do not worry, Tree pose or Warrior 3 can wait until you’re an expert.
  • Activates vitamin D: This is an important part of fitness, making sure you have enough vitamin D. I love practicing yoga outdoors to gain the benefits of vitamin D and this is further amplified when you’re out on the water.

So there they are, the five reasons why I believe that SUP Yoga can help build your fitness in the most enjoyable way. Why don’t you try it and see if it can become part of your fitness routine? See if you can find a class in your area or come and join me for a class at the Activities Away Lake in Lincoln.