Free yourself from Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome
Written by Rebecca@Ffidence

Do you ever get pulled back by feeling like an imposter? Are you filled with self-doubt, sabotage your achievements and feel like your successes are down to external situations? It was estimated in Forbes in 2019 that 70% of the population experience imposter syndrome. When was the last time you experienced imposter syndrome; was it after you got your big break, received a promotion, achieved your degree or got your dream job?

Imposter Syndrome

When imposter syndrome sets in it can become hard to see a different perspective. You have negative views on what is going on and how you are feeling. It makes you feel like you are hiding behind a mask.

Imposter syndrome can make you become your own worst critic; you have your own negative voice in your head bringing you down. Saying negative words that cause anxiety and negative thoughts on future events.

The Causes of Imposter Syndrome

Imposter syndrome can be a symptom of negative beliefs and the meanings that have been linked with past experiences. When we experience not being able to connect with situations and believing that what we achieve shouldn’t be available to us it creates a belief that we aren’t enough.

Everyone experiences different life events but the commonality so many people share is the belief of not being enough. It holds so many people back from achieving their potential, feeling pride in their work and feeling confident about their skills.

So why allow the underlying reasons to continue and set yourself free from feeling like an imposter.

Removing Imposter Syndrome

Stop allowing imposter syndrome from removing your motivation, feeling anxious and feeling like a phony. Set yourself free.

Imposter Syndrome

One piece of advice I tell my clients is to praise everything they do. By giving yourself praise it is a powerful tool because your mind listens to YOU. It doesn’t matter if you say things that don’t feel true at the time. By praising your work, even if you feel like a phony, it starts to tell your mind something positive. And the more it hears it, the more it starts believing it. Start today and after everything you achieve, no matter if you feel like you don’t deserve it, start praising yourself.

Some examples of what you can say:
I put so much work into completing …..
I have achieved…..
I have done really well with…..
I appreciate….
I am grateful for this opportunity ….
I deserve to have this chance….because…..

Keep saying the positives and what YOU have achieved to make the praise more familiar to your mind.

One tool that removes the limiting beliefs and the negative meanings that is root of the imposter syndrome is Rapid Transformational Therapy. It is a powerful tool that removes the past meanings that are holding you back and allows space for a new positive mindset.

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