Here Be Dragons!

Written by Vanessa Westwell

In ancient times, it was quite common for map-makers to write: “HIC SUNT DRACONES” which meant “Here be Dragons!” on the edges of their maps.

This was a warning to travellers that they were moving into uncharted territory, where unknown dangers could be lurking.

This whole business of Covid-19 has been unmapped territory for billions of us around the world.

Every day, there have been warnings of dangers to our health. Threats of new variants. Confusing statistics about deaths. Reports of Long Covid and adverse effects following vaccines. It seems like we have been shepherded into accepting a “new normal” of tests, vaccines, boosters and restrictions. We have been separated from the people we love. For many of us, this has raised our stress levels to an all-time high.

And one thing we do know is that stress weakens the Immune System. It pushes us into a Flight, Fight or Freeze reaction, and causes Adrenal Overload and Fatigue. It affects us mentally, physically, and emotionally in many different and damaging ways.

No wonder so many people are feeling exhausted and unwell. Depressed, fearful and even suicidal. Have difficulty sleeping, or feel foggy and unfocused during the day. Does any of that sound like you?

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Hi, I am Vanessa Westwell. I am a Certified Body Code Practitioner, which means that I can use muscle testing along with The Body Code System to find out how all this stress is affecting you.

The Body Code is the most comprehensive energy healing system available today. It was developed by Dr Bradley Nelson in America, the author of “The Emotion Code”. There are only 4,000 Certified Body Code Practitioners around the world so far, so you may not have heard of it yet. However, the results it creates are profound and life-changing.

Using The Body Code, I can pinpoint and address the ailments and imbalances in your body. And re-set them using energy healing, via a Skype or Zoom video call.

I can check the effectiveness of your Immune System, along with all the other systems of the body, and clear the blocks to your health.

Blocks like the toxins and heavy metals that have built up in your body, from air pollution, water, food and other toxic elements in your environment. I can identify and clear any bacterial and viral infections, parasites, allergies and intolerances affecting your health.

I can see if there are any foods or nutrients that you need to eat, or stop eating, to boost you towards optimal health. And identify if any of the organs, glands or systems of your body need to be re-balanced. Allowing you to strengthen your immune system, and be ready to fight off any new viruses that may come along.

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