How can you clear a Past Life Trauma?

Like many people, you could be carrying trauma from a past life, almost like an energetic hangover. This can damage your current life, affecting your self-esteem, happiness, health, relationships, creativity, success, and even how much money you earn.

Phobias and extreme fears can also be traced back to the way you died in a past life e.g. the fear of abandonment, falling, flying, heights, deep water, drowning, starvation, relationships, success, wealth or poverty. These fears and phobias influence the choices you make, and the way you live in your current life.

The good news is, these energetic hangovers from past lives can be cleared!

When I became a Certified Body Code Practitioner, I had no idea that I would soon be helping people to clear this kind of trauma on a daily basis.

The first time it happened, a new client came to see me. He was very psychic and was certain that he had been the victim of a violent death in a previous life.

This client had been plagued with vivid dreams of this past life experience. He knew exactly how he had died, and as a result suffered from anxiety, and a terrible feeling that his life would be cut short.

I was able to use muscle testing, along with my own channelling, to ask his higher self a number of searching questions about his past life. I was able to find out how he was feeling before he died, and identify the psychic trauma he had trapped at the time of his death.

These trapped negative emotions and psychic traumas from his past life, revealed a soul lesson he needed to understand, and then let go, in order to accept his current life and move forward.

During the session, I was also able to identify and release several past life curses and sabotaging energy weapons that had been placed upon him. The session was transformational. It changed his life – and it changed mine!

Since then, I have learned a lot about past lives and how they affect us. I learnt that it is not unusual to meet the same souls in different past lives. These souls help you to learn and grow, and in turn you help them. They are your “soul family”.  They take on different roles, just like actors in a play.

For example, if you need to learn patience in this life, then the person who tests your patience the most, even driving you to anger or despair at times, is actually giving you a gift. They are helping you to dig deep inside and develop inner strength and patience. They are like the grit in your oyster, irritating your soft parts and helping you to create a pearl. Of course, it can be hard to see it that way when you are suffering…

In other examples, I worked with a woman who had been married to the same soul in ten past lives. And he was her husband in her current life also. Each of these marriages included life lessons around marriage and fertility. I also worked with a mother who miscarried twice and then had a stillbirth, and was able to confirm that the soul of each of her lost babies was actually the same soul. And this soul is now incarnated as her eldest child.

I often work with people who need to release themselves from an unhealthy connection with an ex-partner or spouse. This involves finding and clearing any unhelpful energetic cords between them and the soul of their ex. Along with any curses, vows, oaths or promises that were keeping them both entangled and unable to move on.

Once a past life has been described and understood, and the energetic hangover released, it is very common to feel a great sense of lightness and relief. The way that you see the world seems to change, in a very subtle, yet profound and helpful way. Relationships are noticeably improved, blocks disappear.

In this period of great unrest and change, many Lightworkers are being called upon to release lifetimes of pain, for themselves and others, to allow the collective vibration of the Earth to rise. Releasing past life trauma is essential to this process.

Whether you are a lightworker or not, if you would like to clear unresolved trauma, curses or cording from a past life, which are causing fears or blocks in your current life, go to my new site at and book your clearing session today. I’m looking forward to helping you on your healing journey…

Main Photo by Jenny Scott is licensed under CC BY-NC