How Regular Mindfulness and Meditation Works for Me

Meditation & Mindfulness

As a Wellbeing Practitioner, I think it is important that my clients know my story. So here it is:

I came to practice mindfulness and meditation 3 years ago in 2015 after needing to find a solution to help me cope with my Mum’s sudden illness and the distance that I was away from her. By practicing regularly it truly helped me to keep calm and focused on what needed to be done for her, one step at a time, rather than as it was before, sudden anxiety and panic.

So what did I actually do?

I started off by walking in nature, always on my own so I could have little distraction from the sights, smells and sounds all around me. With practice, I quickly became more mindful of my surroundings, focusing on the here and now. The mindful walking enabled my mind to switch off for a time and then re-focus when I needed to deal with a particular problem. I felt I was able to make clear decisions within this difficult and stressful period.

It became obvious quite soon that combining mindfulness, mediation and yoga together was fundamental. I started regularly practicing a range of meditations, such as creative mediation, which really helped me to think ‘outside the box’, creatively solving problems for my Mum. Regular seated meditation bought calm and reduced my anxiety. In fact if now I’m faced with a new problem, meditation provides me with the space to decide on the best course of action going forward. My Yoga practice became more powerful and led me to become a qualified teacher. I love nothing more now than combining these three elements into my workshops.

Implementing regular mindfulness & meditation into your life, whether it’s by appreciating nature in the present, setting time a side regularly to practice in your home or just simply mindfully completing day to day tasks such as taking as shower, eating your lunch or making a cuppa is fundamental in your journey to just being in the present, just being in the now, ultimately keeping you calm, focused and anxiety free.

Photo by Lesly Juarez on Unsplash