How you can change your eating habits using the rules of the mind

Written by Rebecca@Ffidence

There is one powerful tool that can help you on the journey to becoming fitter, healthier and changing your habits and that is what you say to your mind. Making something familiar helps our mind to push us to keep doing those actions, to be consistent and make it effortless.

Why does the mind like familiarity?

The mind wants what is familiar. Making your goals familiar will help you achieve more and to enjoy the process because your mind will guide you towards it. Familiarity doesn’t happen overnight, and it can take up to 21 days to change a habit, however there are ways that will help you take control of your mind.

My top tips for making something familiar

  1. Tell your mind that it is what you want. By saying you are choosing to do something differently every day to your mind, your mind will resist less while it is becoming a habit. Your mind listens to what you say, so start directing your mind with what you want to achieve.
  2. Start now! Your mind doesn’t understand future tense so don’t wait for Monday to roll around, jump in and achieve your goals. We all have those moments when we slip, but that’s okay, you just need to carry on straight away and keep up the amazing work you are doing.
  3. Picture the end goal. Visualisation is key. Whether you want to feel healthier, stronger or more confident and comfortable in yourself remember to picture the end goal. By picturing and experiencing it, using visualisation, it will direct your mind to what you want. This focus can boost your motivation, so make time for a quick visualisation during the day to set yourself up for success.

These are powerful techniques that can help you achieve an amazing transformation.

So, whatever your goal is this year, treat your mind, body and soul to a powerful transformation that can resist the allure of cake, leave behind overindulgent patterns and so much more.

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