In the Heavenly Spotlight: Archangel Raguel – The Friendship Angel

Nina Sell
Written by Nina Sell

What I love about angels is that once you invite them into your life and allow yourself to connect with them and their energies, they are so easily and wonderfully approachable and love to help us with our everyday tasks.

In this particular article I love to share with you how angels can help you improve your relationships with people in everyday life. Having shared with you previously the workings of the Archangel Michael – Angel of Strength, Protection and Truth as well as the Archangel Raphael – the Healing Angel, in this article I like to focus on yet another Archangel, Raguel (whose name means ‘Friend of God’).

Archangel Raguel

Unlike the Archangels Michael and Raphael with whom I have been working for years, Raguel has come into my life fairly recently as a member of a team of angels who seem to like to impress themselves on me on a frequent basis, gently nudging me to acquaint myself with and to add them to my heavenly support team.

So who is Raguel? Having welcomed Raguel into my life and having worked with him I see him as the perfect heavenly relationship/friendship life-coach who likes to help people with their relationships, whether personal or business ones.

As a beautiful, gentle, kind and wise heavenly relationship counsellor, Raguel reminds us that love, compassion and acceptance have a far greater capacity to solve conflicts and disagreements than accusations, blame, anger, resentment and fear.

For example, whenever you find yourself caught up in what may look like a 3D drama moment out of a TV soap, just call on him and ask to be surrounded by his soft peachy-pink pearlescent energy and sense your whole being relaxing, allowing any tension and negativity to leave you.

When we remain relaxed in challenging situations the chances of diffusing and resolving conflict will be by far greater than remaining hard, stubborn, tense, unmovable, vengeful or angry. Staying calm, centred and peaceful will have an automatic knock-on effect on people around you, who are involved in this situation, and an eventual positive outcome for all is guaranteed. Raguel likes to remind us that there is plenty of love for each and every one of us, that we are always supported and that it is always beneficial to stay centred in love.

Raguel’s keywords are: Balance, Harmony, Peace within and around relationships.

Raguel loves to support you in strengthening old friendships, but can also help you find new friends, bringing people into your life who value and cherish you for who you are. He can also help you to harmonise and balance challenging relationships and is there for you if you like to gain clarity and insight into relationships that might feel stale or where you intuitively feel that something is ‘off keel’. Above all he would like you to pay attention and to listen to your intuition, your gut feelings. To do so take some time out, find a place where you can be relaxed and undisturbed, connect with Raguel and allow yourself to ‘feel’ what a certain relationship/friendship is bringing up in you.

Here is a beautiful invocation to call on Raguel:

Beloved Archangel Raguel, Angel of Friendship. Thank you for smoothing, harmonising and balancing all my interactions with people and situations on a daily basis. Thank you for your guidance, connecting me with the right people, supporting and strengthening old friendships as well as establishing beautiful new ones. Thank you for overseeing all my daily interactions and relationships on all levels. Thank you for shining your soft pearlescent rays of harmony, peace and love over all of my friendships and relationships, thus enabling me to stay centred in love.

Whatever your decision is, the choice in the end is always yours, if you take into account Raguel’s wise counsel though, he will prompt you to see the bigger picture. Angels do not take sides and Raguel, as the friendship angel, likes to remind you to remain open and circumspect, and to look at the situation from a view of balance, i.e. taking into consideration the other person’s point of view whilst honouring your own feelings.

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