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James Burch
Written by James Burch

…Launches New Standard for Wellbeing With ‘We Invest in Wellbeing’ Framework 

The new standard supports organisations aiming to achieve high performance in wellbeing. It focuses on three indicators that revolve around workplace quality and safety, how people feel about their work, and the culture they experience—specifically leading, supporting, and improving a culture of wellbeing.

With 35 million workdays lost to ill health in 2022-23, the total cost of sickness absence to UK businesses is estimated at around £15 billion per year. Absenteeism costs the UK economy £138 billion. Creating better and more productive workplaces has long been a priority for Investors in People.

The new standard, developed after extensive engagement with leaders and innovators in the wellbeing space, is designed to suit organisations of all sizes and sectors. In response to widespread change in the workplace, creating a culture of wellbeing that supports high performance in a healthy and sustainable way has never been more important. This priority was central to the design of Investors in People’s framework.

Paul Devoy, CEO of Investors in People, stated: “We all know that healthy and happy workforces perform better, adapt better to change, and have increased levels of engagement, all of which are pivotal for organisations.”

“Through the launch of our new ‘We Invest in Wellbeing’ framework, organisations using our product can take control of their workplace wellbeing, shaped by employee engagement as much as by physical and psychological health,” Devoy continued. “Our ‘We Invest in Wellbeing’ standard emphasises a proactive and engaging approach to enhancing the health and wellbeing of people in your organisation. I am already looking forward to seeing and hearing about the success stories from the first cohort of organisations using this product.”

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Michael Smyth, HR Director of the GRAHAM Group (one of the first organisations to work with Investors in People on their new “We Invest in Wellbeing” framework), shared his experience: “GRAHAM has worked with Investors in People since 2017 to support our approach to wellbeing. Recently, we have found the three key components of their new ‘We Invest in Wellbeing’ framework—leading, supporting, and improving—to be a well-balanced and structured approach to creating and maintaining excellence in wellbeing, delivering real results for both our employees and the business.”

Organisations working with Investors in People’s skilled practitioners will embark on a three-year journey full of in-depth planning, discussions, surveys, engagement, analysis, feedback, and reviews, ultimately receiving their Standard, Silver, Gold, or Platinum accreditation.

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The “We Invest in Wellbeing” journey can be tailored to meet the needs of any organisation, offering a comprehensive framework for organisations to shape, own, and live their own culture of wellbeing.

If you are interested in speaking with Investors in People about starting your own employee wellbeing accreditation journey or learning more about “We Invest in Wellbeing”