Lymphatic Drainage and Cellulite

Amanda King
Written by Amanda King

We all know about cellulite, the unwanted effect of this harmless skin condition can be orange peel dimples on our bum, hips, tummy and thighs. It’s seen as unsightly and it’s associated with being overweight, but the reality is that after puberty, all women can be susceptible to cellulite. No matter how slim, athletic, or young, cellulite doesn’t discriminate. 

Cellulite is affected a little by genetics but mostly by diet and lifestyle and there are a number of things you can do to improve the appearance. It’s all to do with the flow of lymph… 

Lymph is the fluid that travels around our other circulatory system (not blood). It is a watery fluid which contains white blood cells for your immune system. It is an essential part of your detoxification system as lymph fluid carries away debris, waste from tissues, dead cells, toxins, and other matter to the spleen and then onto the kidneys to be excreted. Having a healthy lymphatic system is essential to our immunity and the health of our organs including our biggest organ, the skin. 

The lymphatic system is made up of the spleen which is located just under your ribcage on the left of your abdomen and many lymph nodes throughout your body which act as filters for toxins that are detoxified into the lymph fluid and need to be excreted. You can feel these easily around your neck, especially when you are having an immune response to an invading pathogen, as your lymph glands swell up and can even be visible. 

In order to reduce the appearance of fatty deposits that become cellulite, we need to stimulate the lymphatic system. There are a number of ways to do this. 

1. Hydration 

Drinking 2l of filtered water every day will supply your body with the water it needs to flush out toxins and debris in the lymph. 

2.    Clean diet

Keeping your diet toxin free and not eating junk food, only eating clean and whole, organic food means that your detoxification pathways can focus on cellulite and won’t be busy clearing away other unnecessary wastes. 

3.    Skin brushing

To assist your body with detoxification, skin brushing is recommended at least

once a day. Using a loofah or medium firm bristle brush, brush from the extremities towards the heart, this will stimulate blood flow to the skin and stimulate the production of lymph and the detoxification process. Skin brushing takes about five minutes a day and can be incorporated as a part of your morning or evening self- care regime.

4.    Exercise

Daily movement of at least 30 minutes will get the lymph circulating around your body and not stagnating in areas. You want to move wherever possible to keep the continuous flow around your body and have your body work for you.

In addition to these factors, I recommend you take lymphatic drainage massage regularly to stimulate lymph flow. Lymphatic drainage is proven to reduce cellulite and improve circulation. It’s also a very relaxing therapy.

5. Gua Sha Stone

This stone is an essential tool in facial detoxification. The gua sha reduces puffiness, increases circulation and reduces fine lines. If it is used on the body, it can help to reduce cellulite too. When using a gua sha stone, work in gentle sweeps from the centre vertical line of the face (centre forehead to chin) and

sweep towards the edges of the face where your lymph nodes reside. A gentle and not an aggressive movement is needed to stimulate and move lymph. You can find the gua sha stone online with many reputable health product providers.

Main photo by Tima Miroshnichenko