Medical Intuitive

Claire Doherty
Written by Claire Doherty

My client, Binu, had suffered constant pain in both wrists, arms and her neck for three years. She had  been diagnosed with bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome and was waiting for surgery when she came to see me. After a couple of sessions together she was pain free!

Let me introduce myself. My name is Claire and I am a medical intuitive – which simply means that I use my intuitive skills to guide me in uncovering the true meaning of your health issues and symptoms. I support people to lead lives free of pain and overwhelm by guiding them to reconnect with their bodies and to heal.

For Binu her arm pain was the result of trying desperately to raise money to send home to her mother in Nepal. She loved her family dearly and missed them dreadfully, but was not expressing this, nor the hardships of working.

Our Body’s Messages

Having worked in the conventional health system for many years I became increasingly aware that the reductionist model does not always work, and that to fully heal we must consider the whole person – the physical, the emotional and the energy bodies.

Our bodies are always talking to us, every emotion and symptom holds a message to guide us toward supporting our health and journey. When we fight against an illness we are failing to listen to lessons that it is trying to bring us. When we ignore symptoms the body will respond by shouting louder and symptoms increase in severity. Denying emotions means that we do not process them and let them go, instead they stay trapped within our bodies, manifesting as symptoms, often years later. Our bodies follow the universal laws and what we see outwardly is simply a reflection of what is occurring internally: as within, so without.

How I practise

One of the foundations of my practice is helping people increase their self-worth, to help them realise that they are enough. That they truly hold inside themselves the ability to self heal.

I use a wide variety of techniques with my clients from behavioural change, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and much more. I work alongside orthodox medical professionals as and when required, my belief is that there is a place for both and they can and do work together.