Living a Natural Lifestyle

Catherine McLean
Written by Catherine McLean

As a holistic therapist, I believe in natural health and eating wholesome fresh food. Sadly processed and pre-packaged foods have so many additives with high salt and sugar contents. When we prepare our own fresh food, we are avoiding those additives and can control what we put into our meals. Spices and herbs add flavour and have many nutritional benefits. Have you ever tried growing your own fresh herbs?

Living a natural lifestyle can be tricky sometimes, we need to be watching not only what we eat, but what products we use. Fortunately a lot of products now clearly state they are additive and paraben free. Natural products don’t necessarily cost more, I’m now seeing more of these in a wider range of stores which is positive.

Maintaining a natural lifestyle also encourages us to get regular exercise, this doesn’t mean we have to spend lots of money on expensive gym memberships, we can exercise in the comfort of our homes, enjoy invigorating walks or maybe enjoy more quality time gardening, to mention a few.

My top tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Remember that health from a holistic point of view encompasses mind, body and soul.

1. Be true to yourself and listen to your body. 

Start your day with either hot water and fresh lemon juice, or a little apple cider vinegar with a dash of warm water.

2. Eat fruit at the start of the day.

I enjoy a breakfast of several fruits and natural yoghurt with live cultures. I never eat fruit after a meal in any form, as it is not digested properly.

3. Try to exercise in some form every day. 

4. Add high quality nutritional supplements to your daily diet.

5. Be aware of the personal care and cleaning products you use.

I’m conscious of the products I use for my personal care as well as those used in my home, as sadly some of these have toxic ingredients which have an adverse effect on our health

6. Rest.

Rest is important and taking a break away from digital technology is equally as important. It’s great to reconnect with our natural surroundings. I encourage you to take quality time out for yourself and to enjoy special time with those you love.