Paranormal Investigation

Christie Michael
Written by Christie Michael

As a child I had a few experiences both spiritual and paranormal which somehow ingrained themselves into me and began my journey on the spiritual path which has lead me to where I am and who I am now. At 31 years old I am a qualified meditation teacher, Reiki practitioner, crystal healer and tarot card reader. I also do spiritual and psychic protection; aura and chakra cleansing; and readings. I am also an empath.

Paranormal Investigation

I was part of a paranormal investigations team in north London for approximately a year and a half as an investigator however my primary role was team protection, spiritual advisor and after care for clients. I still participate occasionally in investigations with the team in the role of team protection as well as as a ‘sensitive’ because my skill has truly started to develop. I am a strong believer in protecting yourself before entering into an investigation or private clients houses.

I personally use the crystals black obsidian and black tourmaline as they are the top crystals for protection from negativity. Black tourmaline repels it and black obsidian absorbs it thus taking it away from the person.

I also call upon guardian Angels and spirit guides. If I’m protecting others I also ask them to call upon whatever they believe in e.g. God, Allah etc and if they do not have beliefs then to centre themselves and use the group’s energy to help protect them. I will use protective visualisation with them and myself to build up the energy into a positive and uplifted one, this is probably key over everything. Having the right frame of mind is important as it helps keep negativity/negative energies from feeding and attaching.