Paranormal Investigation

Spirit Attachments

I have been asked many times if I believe in spirit attachments, personally i do believe in them. I believe in harmless spirit attachments as well as demonic ones – although I’ve never had any myself. I have been affected by spirits before – headaches, light headedness with the main symptom being nausea. The minute I feel these things I know I must reinforce my protection barrier so I hold my crystal and lift my energy back up thus reinforcing my protection shield.

If any of the team or clients start to feel these things I do the same procedure for them and I will also give them some reiki and positive reassurance. It nearly always works and apart from the mental aspect of feeling protected I find that the spirit cannot penetrate my protection once it’s reinforced. Often the energy will move to a different area.

I don’t think that attachments are always negative though, I think some are just spirits who want to be stronger and keep walking the Earth or some may be passed on loved ones who want to stay on this plane.

When it comes to the negative energies I feel they may be brought about by people dabbling in things like tarot cards / ouija board/ pendulum dowsing etc without enough knowledge or protective measures in place. It’s important to protect yourself and to cleanse the area after doing such things. I always do a sage smudging cleanse (an ancient cleansing ritual used by Native Americans and shamanic cultures to remove negative energy from a space) after any supernatural activity especially after conducting investigations and spirit cleansing in private clients houses.

You hear of many stories where people have done ouija boards and held séances which brought through negative energies and demons who needed a window onto this plane. They attach onto perhaps the weakest person or the most fearful energy, this attachment unfortunately drains the person’s energy and can cause a lot of negative things to happen. Sometimes even the fear of an attachment happening after a ouija session can cause someone to truly believe they have one when they don’t, it’s this paranoia causing what they feel is bad luck etc. On the flip side I have come across clients in whom you can see physical changes from having an actual attachment. Once they’ve been cleansed, and the energy has been banished, their appearance changes for the better. It’s pretty remarkable.

Although I am a believer I have that annoying psychological knowledge in my head which says to me that if a person has any psychological issue like depression or other mental health conditions they could feel that things are happening to them because of an attachment and this may  inadvertently cause negativity to come their way.

Negativity attracts negativity but once someone gets support and help from say a paranormal team or someone like myself by having protection done, an investigation, cleansing and then reiki and visually seeing others helping them then they get a mental release and feel inside that the attachment has been banished and therefore their way of thinking changes (no negativity).

I say this, but I feel that happenings of attachments are a combination of both sometimes (the person being in a negative place in their lives as well as having an actual attachment). Negative energies tend to be drawn towards people with less mental strength and lacking in positivity.

There are other types of attachments though. Spirits attached to houses or a place rather than a person. These spirits usually have a strong connection to the place and may not know that they have passed on or they may be stuck there and need help to move on. These are usually harmless spirits and will gently let their presence be known so they can receive help. If there is a negative spirit there it can be that they do not want anyone else living in the house as it may have been theirs so they may make their presence known in a more aggressive/active way. The other demonic attachments to a place are usually brought there by again people dabbling in black arts, ouija boards and séances.

Whether attachments truly exist I guess no one can be 100% sure but I believe they do. Spirits, demons who knows? But they are a life force – an energy and energy exists on this planet, science proves energy. In my eyes any energy can affect a human being physically and mentally whether it be in a positive or negative way. If a person identifies with the ‘energy’ and carries it around with them then an attachment is born.