Personal Healing Process

Kaya Kimylongh
Written by Kaya Kimylongh

Hi everyone, my name is Kaya and I want to introduce you to ‘Personal healing process’.

I created this process based on my knowledge of different techniques used in healing and hypnotherapy for people who are looking for help with life changes and healing. I work a lot with traumas of many kinds and I always adapt the techniques I use to the problem we are healing with my client. (I say ‘we’ because I see myself as a guide in this process but the person in healing is making it happen, not me). Over a 6 week period of sessions there will roughly be 2 hypnotherapies, 2 guided meditations to release emotions or subconscious patterns and 2 releasing of energy ties. But, as everyone is different, we choose together what we will do, for instance there could be more hypnotherapies or more emotional processing or for some people we might exclude releasing energy ties.

In the 6 weeks I can make up to 6 energy healings. These can be done at any time and are not part of the session. All energy healings can be made long distance.

Personal healing process can be done in person (if you are from Cornwall) or online via Skype.


I connect periods of sessions with chakras. I work with Chakras very practically and I see them as different areas of life.

I believe that healing must happen on 4 levels:

  • Physically,
  • energetically,
  • emotionally
  • and psychologically.

If we work only on one level, the change will not happen so easily. So, for me work with chakras is far away from only energy work. In areas of our chakras we are holding hurts, patterns, habits, ties… For example: In our legs we are keeping traumas from our childhood and if we don’t heal them, nothing in our body can work properly. The traumas can be very suppressed and their blocks affect our ankles, so any pain there would tell us we need to go back in time to heal those hurts.

I have designed a program from first to third Chakra, as these three chakras are the ones with most emotional blocks and work with them is different to work with the upper chakras.

Root Chakra

The first 6 weeks are based on First, Root Chakra work and that would mean to clear energy blocks with our parents, find the roots of our problems in our childhood and with releasing them achieving inner safety and connection with our body. At the same time we could decide some life goals. As well as our sessions there is also some general homework, e.g. changing your home into a place you really want to live in, taking more time for exercise, walking in nature, listening to your body, perhaps changing diet…)

After one period of sessions there will already be visible changes in your life as people clear their roots of problems and calm down. Some people, who experienced a lot of traumas, need a little bit more work, so with them we take longer to work on the first chakra. As the First Chakra is the most important for everyone and most of our problems start here, I see it as the main work we can do. When we feel safe and our awareness is in the body, we get a whole new perspective on life, a new, calm way of facing everyday problems, a new attitude to reality. It is work about coming down to Earth, taking responsibility for your actions and reactions, forgiving and accepting life as it is. When the First Chakra is strong, all other Chakras can build up and heal. However, some people want to work on more chakras, so we can make a set of 6 sessions for each chakra. It is really up to the client, how much of it she/he wants and needs. In my opinion it is very important to work on the second chakra for many people as nowadays most of us were hurt in relationships and many people don’t really accept and love themselves.

Sacral Chakra

So, in the next 6 week period we would work with the Second, Sacral Chakra, to clear and heal hurts and blocks about relationships, wake up creativity and achieve self-acceptance, love and emotional balance. It is work about forgiving and accepting others and our self. It is about healing our connection to the world. Homework would be to remember how to admire life again, just like we did when we were children, appreciate small things and wake up creativity in any way (singing, painting, dancing, creating anything that makes you happy)

Solar Chakra

The third set of sessions would be based on the Third, Solar Chakra, to work on our will and self-confidence, personal boundaries and achieving goals which we decided with our First Chakra. With the third Chakra we make releasing of ties only if there is a need for it, if not, we focus on other things such as waking up of personal power, will, energy and self-awareness.

Here our ‘Personal Healing Process’ would finish.

Personal Opening Process

For those who want to go further, there is:

  • ‘Personal Opening Process’:
    • 4th Chakra: opening to the state of love and connection,
    • 5th Chakra: attuning with vibration of earth and opening to your maximum,
    • 6th Chakra: opening your intuition,
    • 7th Chakra: Finding your inner Silence. Connecting to universe…

I would only do the Personal Opening process with people who came through the Personal healing Process as they would be ready to go on.