Rapid Transformational Therapy for Long Covid

A neural network
Sarah Drijfhout
Written by Sarah Drijfhout

Why illness is sometimes all in our heads (without us consciously knowing it) and what we can do about it.

Bruce Lipton, PhD has written a great deal on the topic of our thoughts influencing our health. As a cellular biologist Lipton observed that the body at the cellular level has distinct intelligence. We as humans are not one entity but are a super-organism of co-operating cells and systems. Environmental factors and epigenetics, not genes, influence the health of our physiological system. Epigenetics is the study of how genes can become modified by environment and our response to stimuli. The last decade of scientific research has proven that our genes are not fixed. Just as one example, genetic modification has been identified in babies experiencing stress within their mother’s womb.

Lipton talks about how our very beliefs shape how our body responds to events, for better or worse. In The Biology of Belief Lipton links this new understanding that our thoughts can literally influence our body’s functions and vulnerability to disease. He draws parallels with Quantum Theory, fundamentally encapsulating the idea that energy, not matter, determines so much of our health or our proclivity to sickness. This is beyond conventional Western medicine, where cause and reaction, physical proof, still determine what gets taken seriously and what not. But just because we don’t understand or see proof of everything in conventional easy to measure cause and effect ways, doesn’t mean it is not happening. Take the following example.

Memory of an Allergy

We know that far from originating as a physiological response based purely on physiological stimulus, allergies and asthma can often begin in childhood as a psychological response to lack of attention. In hypnosis clients often return to scenes where the memory of the allergy began. A hypnotherapist can often gain clues about why the allergy came about and how to cure it. To understand this let’s look at a case study. A woman of 50 came for help because she was allergic to most animals since early childhood. She specifically wanted to go horse riding and wondered if anything could be done to help her symptoms. If she so much as approached a horse she’d begin sneezing, coughing and her eyes would swell up and water. If she touched the horse her skin would break out in hives. She even had difficulty breathing in an enclosed space with a horse. The allergy was extreme.

During hypnotherapy her mind went back to scenes where she recalled the first memories of the allergy appearing. In one scene she was about to climb on a donkey ride at the beach. She recalled that when she got near the animal, she became sneezy, her eyes watering, throat scratchy. What was more interesting however about this scene was that the parents had been locked in a heated quarrel during the beach visit. But as soon as the parents saw how huge their daughter’s allergic reaction to the donkey was, they stopped fighting.

In another scene the girl’s mother was making Christmas puddings and cake. She knew that this massive undertaking would mean that her mother would be occupied for the next two or three days. As she entered the room where all the nuts and fruits were laid out in bowls, the little girl again got an allergic reaction. She remembered all the attention she suddenly got as her mother tried to determine what it was on the table that she was allergic to. As it turned out nuts, an allergy that is becoming more common in children.

In the last scene the woman recalled her mother applying bandages and lotion to her bleeding arms and legs because they were covered in eczema. In hypnotherapy the woman remembered that when her parents argued, she’d specifically cuddle the pet dog and cat to seek comfort from them. This, even though she knew it would make her ill. But the attention she gained from her mother attending to her symptoms gained her a lot of subsequent comfort.

So, what was going on here? The little girl’s ingenious mind had discovered that allergy served a purpose for getting attention. And all of this unconsciously. As a woman the allergies had become the bane of her life. Using a healing vortex transformation and cell command therapy with RTT® deep changes took place for this lady at the physiological level. After going through the RTT® session and the cure she reported back that 2 months later she was cuddling horses in fields she passed and had no allergic response. This woman could finally climb on a horse after almost 50 years of an acute allergy. With no prescription drugs or ‘medical’ intervention.

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