Setting your day up for success – building daily rituals and habits to promote self-care

The Spa Sisters
Written by The Spa Sisters

What does it take to have a successful day? Ultimately, we all want to feel like we are succeeding in life and appear to have it all together to the outside world. 

However, we, the Spa Sisters, feel that perhaps a big part of success is knowing that results don’t necessarily need to come at the cost of exhaustion, stress, guilt and putting our health last. It is all too clear to us how the outward image of success, especially on social media, is having a detrimental effect on our real daily lives. There is definitely overwhelm when it comes to the amount of information out there. So what is holding us back from developing consistent, healthy daily habits? Could it be the lack of a bridge between knowledge and being able to put it confidently into daily practices? How do we find balance whilst juggling all those expectations – mainly self-imposed – and at the same time, have a productive and fulfilling day?

Our top three I AM WELLness™ strategies

We have summarised our top three I AM WELLness™ strategies to help you find balance in your day so that you are sure to feel motivated without stressing yourself out too much!

1. ‘Take 5’

  • Take 5 minutes on waking to set your intention for the day. Our self-talk is important, so switch the internal dialogue from “I’m not going to” or “I have to”, to a gentler tone; try using “Today I choose to XYZ in support of my health/goals”.
  • Take 5 minutes before going to sleep to end your day in gratitude.  We can always find something to be grateful for, even in the smallest things; a smile from someone, the sun peeking through the grey clouds, the train being on time…

2. Build in ‘guilt free’ breaks in your day to get some perspective

There is no benefit in piling things onto a “must do list” knowing deep down they won’t get done and then feeling shameful for it. 

  • Practice some simple stretching or breathing exercises in between tasks.
  • Set aside a few minutes to listen to a meditation or some motivational affirmations.
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator/escalator. You will feel so proud of yourself!
  • A short stroll outside at lunchtime will flood you with fresh oxygen and fresh insight!
  • Once or twice a week perhaps get off the bus 1 stop earlier and walk the rest of the way to work or home.
  • Do the plank position from yoga – amazing for working all the muscles and developing core strength in just one move – what’s not to love!

3. Acknowledge and communicate your needs!

Reward yourself with a self-affirmation when you feel proud of something you have achieved. They are a great way to remind yourself of your own worth and value. When you treat yourself with kindness and respect, you will find that others follow suit.

Such as:
‘I AM doing so well’
‘I AM allowing myself to accept praise.’
‘What I have done today was the best I was able to do. And for that, I AM thankful.’

Be honest about your own needs and expectations with the people you surround yourself with daily.

Try to frame communications in the positive. For instance, instead of saying “Don’t forget to ………,” reframe, “Please remember to …….”. Work on clearly expressing what you are wanting, needing, or desiring and why you need it. Big emphasis on the WHY.

Work together to align and find a middle ground. Whether it’s people you choose to have in your life or the people you have to interact with out of default. By communicating your thoughts and needs with colleagues or customers you can defuse unnecessary conflict and create a productive environment. They will have needs and expectations too, so given them space to speak ensuring you actively listen and are receptive.

So now what?

We risk falling back into a trap of stress and overwhelm at the very thought of having ‘to do’ all these strategies to set up the day for success! We advise you start slowly. Choose one or two tips that you think will fit nicely into your daily routine.  Get used to these new habits before you attempt to introduce a new one. 

‘Rome wasn’t built in a day, but they were laying bricks every hour.’

John Heywood, English writer.

Main photo by Ekaterina Kasimova on Unsplash