The Amazing Wonders of Reflexology

Written by Tracey Jones

After being in quite severe pain and discomfort with my lower back and my legs for a long time (many years in fact) due to cysts on my spine. I was taking increasing amounts of painkillers and spending half my life on heat pads, pulled down by the pain and in tears, having got to the stage where I needed a walking stick to get about, I’d had more than enough.

As a ‘last resort’ I decided to try and tackle the problem in a more ‘natural’ way and cautiously made an appointment to see Reiki Master Tracey Jones (BSc. Hons. Cert Ed. IIHHT, IHBC, BGI).

Her treatment room is part of Tracey’s own ‘School of Healing’ which is situated (along with other Community groups) in the Community Centre on Cannon Street in Accrington. It is a lovely looking, old School building, with a wonderful, spacious hall and rooms galore and a lovely, peaceful atmosphere. Tracey’s treatment room is actually upstairs, but for those who can’t manage the stairs there is a small lift.

“The thing which really puts the fire in my belly,” Tracey tells me, her eyes lighting up as she speaks, “would be to be able to provide treatments to those people who are most in need, yet least able to afford them. Treatments such as these can be way out of the reach of people struggling on benefits or low wages, yet they are ideal for helping them relax, to be able to better handle their situation, and to ease many of their aches and pains.” Watching her face as she talks, it is obvious this is something she is very passionate about.

I didn’t know quite what to expect when I arrived there, hobbling in on my walking stick, in so much pain, with my nerves a little on edge, but I need not have worried. As soon as Tracey came out to greet me, exuding warmth and friendliness, somehow, I could tell this was going to be time well spent.

A willowy ash blonde, with a big smile, gentle manner and honest eyes, Tracey immediately put me at my ease and the next 1.5 hours simply flew by! She is such an easy person to talk to, I felt as if I had known her forever. I left her treatment room walking on air and feeling far more energized than I had felt in a long time.

Tracey Jones is a Reflexologist. Although she is far more than just that. Also a qualified Medical Herbalist and Reiki Master, with teaching certificates as well as many other practitioner qualifications. Tracey runs ‘The School of Healing’ where she teaches such things as Reiki Healing, Body Massage, Indian Head Massage and Reflexology, with plans to run other courses in the not too distant future.