The Asana Clinic Week One

Katie-Marie Fuller
Written by Katie-Marie Fuller

Reground with Anahatasana

During the festive period, we tend to neglect our own welfare – we are so busy concerning ourselves with entertaining and indulging other people, that any self-care routine that had previously been established grinds to a stiff halt. But here’s the conundrum: with those short days and long nights, and the inevitable hibernation period that comes part and parcel, we should be taking advantage of being cosied up at home and luxuriating ourselves in a little self-care more than ever. It is all too easy to get caught up in the fanaticism and rapture that is the most magical time of year, forgetting all the good habits that keep you grounded and healthy the rest of the year.

Now that the Festive season is slowly coming to an end, and we start to think about resuming some sort of normality, this abeyance from self-care comes to the fore-front of our minds and we become hungry for that meditative sensation that envelopes us during an aromatherapy bath, meditation or gentle flowing yoga practice. But, as with all sabbaticals, we lose our sense of direction and struggle to envisage ourselves doing all of these things – making the transition back into our self-care routines pretty daunting! We find ourselves wondering: “How do I start again?”

Over the next few weeks I will be introducing you to a series of yoga postures– suitable for beginners and advanced yogis alike; transferable across whatever type of yoga you do – all with the intention of re-grounding your heart, focusing your mind and strengthening your body as you reintroduce self-care in to your daily routine.

This week we look at a posture that is beautifully grounding, heart-warming and soul enriching; perfect for aligning your body with your heart and your mind: Anahatasana.

Sanskrit Name: ANAHATASANA
English Translation: Melting Heart Pose

Preparatory Poses:        

  • BALASANA (Extended Child’s pose)
  • SUCRIANDHRASANA (Eye of the Needle pose/Figure Four pose)