The Dog & The Shield of Protection

Emma Tillyard
Written by Emma Tillyard

Have you ever wondered why some dogs appear nervous or anxious when they’re out on walks?

Recently, a client posed this question to me, and the answer I received from their dog was surprising. It turns out that the dog isn’t actually nervous or anxious but rather extremely sensitive and aware of her surroundings.

In my communication with the dog, she explained that her aura, her energy field, is large, open, and highly sensitive. She can feel all the vibrations and energy from anyone she encounters during her walks.

It’s no wonder she experiences discomfort!

Luckily, this clever dog came up with a solution to help her through this challenge – the shield of protection. The dog shared a beautiful image with me, reminiscent of the “Ready Brek” commercials from years ago. In these ads, children would appear with a protective glow after eating their ready brek. The dog suggested that if she created an energetic shield around herself before going on a walk, she wouldn’t feel as sensitive.

But she couldn’t do it alone; she needed her human to help. The dog asked her guardian to visualise a protective shield around her before they set off on their walks. I had the opportunity to practice this visualisation with the dog, and the effect was astounding. Her sensitivity, especially in her paws, decreased significantly when she had her shield of protection.

It’s important to note that the dog isn’t actually nervous, as her guardian initially believed. She’s just incredibly sensitive to the energy of strangers. When approached by unfamiliar dogs or people, she curls her body up to minimise her energy field’s contact with theirs. This behaviour is simply a way for her to conserve energy and avoid building relationships with strangers.

The dog wants her guardian to understand that she loves her chosen circle of people and dogs. She doesn’t feel the need to make friends with every stranger she encounters on her walks. It’s nothing personal – she’s just selective about where she puts her energy.

After conveying all this information to the guardian, they were thrilled and willing to give the solution a try. And now I’m passing on this valuable insight to you.

If you have an anxious or nervous dog, or if they appear to be so when you’re out and about, why not give the shield of protection a shot?

Before you embark on your walk, take a moment to visualise your dog, and yourself if you’d like, surrounded by a beautiful shield of protection. You can design it any way you like. Allow yourself to settle into this visualisation, and then head out with your furry friend.

Remember, you have nothing to lose by trying this technique, and the potential benefits for your dog’s comfort and well-being are immense. 

So go ahead, try the dog’s shield of protection, and empower your walks with a newfound sense of harmony and peace.

Main – Photo by Rafaëlla Waasdorp on Unsplash