The Telltale Flame

Tell tale Flame

Several months ago, *Cheryl, a retired factory worker and wonderful client of several years, confessed that she had been vacillating between apathy and depression while also feeling an unusual amount of aches, pains and fatigue. She was so drained that she admitted that she had wanted to cancel her appointment earlier that day. She seemed inwardly agitated and her energy felt as if she had been carrying a bag of bricks. While sharing how she felt about her stressful family situation, she thought that she was just doing too much and not getting enough rest. Once she expressed what was weighing on her mind, she reclined on the healing table and tried to relax.

To begin this particular session, I lit a consecrated white glass candle and, holding it steady with my left hand above my right hand (my “clearing” hand), I began the energy work. I started at her head and shoulders and everything was going smoothly. Once I reached her solar plexus, the center which holds personal power, the wick suddenly extinguished. I asked her if she saw what happened and she exclaimed, “Yes! I saw that!” Wanting to continue without causing much alarm, I re-lit the candle. This time, I felt what can only be described as ‘ethereal sludge’ attached to her. Above her legs, the candle went out once again. Now, this wasn’t due to rapidly moving the candle or anything physical – the window was closed, there is no fan in the room and the wax hadn’t melted enough to drown and extinguish the wick. I quickly stopped the session and asked her flat out, “Who’s the person that does work similar to what I do, but on the darker side?” She looked at me shocked and replied, “My friend that I’ve known for many years. I never thought to tell you.”

Clearly focused on the source of the problem, I lit the candle once more. Again, near her solar plexus, the flame went out. Cheryl didn’t seem surprised anymore and expressed to me that she had known this individual for decades, a former co-worker turned friend that was a practitioner of unscrupulous methods. Not one to give up easily, I lit the candle for the fourth and final time. We were able to finish the clearing successfully and afterwards we talked about her dealings with this person and she concluded that this was no friendship after all. She was able to look back on their relationship and realised that it had nearly always been one-sided and was tainted with jealousy and control from the other party.

Cheryl left that day with an opened mind and the unique candle that we used during her session, along with some additional protective elements. The very next day, she called and sounded completely different. She was confident and lively, excited to share with me that she had an excellent night’s sleep and felt brand new. She also shared how she had stood her ground and ended the unequal relationship which had been a source of sour discontent for some time. We’re both grateful that she decided to keep her appointment that day and that she recognised an unhealthy entanglement that was making her emotionally and physically debilitated. Did it take longer than it should have? Shouldn’t she have realised this years ago? Sometimes people spend years pouring energy into people and circumstances that are unhealthy, going against their inner wisdom which can lead to regret. However, I have found that wisdom is circular, bringing us back to where we need to be with first-hand experience as the payoff, no regrets needed. Cheryl now has boundaries in place that honor her values and nourish her spiritually, a priceless gift that she has given to herself.

*Name has been changed to protect privacy