Top Tips from a Life Coach

Nicole Robertson
Written by Nicole Robertson

Being a Life Coach is one of the most rewarding jobs I have ever done. It is my role to help people regain balance and control in their lives. I help people both on a personal and business level. Life can become very busy and it can be hard to find your goals and potential through all the mind fog. Below I have given you my top 5 tips I give as a life coach. I hope these will help you to find some direction through your busy days.

1. List, List and List

Life can become messy, dis-organised and just plain crazy. Making lists is the best way to make sure nothing important is missed. Make weekly To-Do lists of things you need to get done and then divide them into days. List your goals for the week and month, you can’t reach something you can’t see. This gives you so much more motivation and trust me, there is no better feeling than ticking off lists.

2. The Five-Minute Rule

It’s simple. If it takes no longer than 5 minutes, just do it right there and then. Need to phone the dentist or doctors? Just do it. Don’t do it after your cuppa or after you’re back from the shops, do it right there and then. This keeps your to-do list less frightening to look at by not being full of small tasks. Battling through even a couple of these a day will take a huge weight off your shoulders and gives you a sense of accomplishment.

3. Self-Care & Development

I cannot express how important this is. If you do not spend time with yourself alone, you will disconnect from your true self. Self-care is so important, it is essential to your mental health and stress levels. Now not all self-care is £5 bath bombs and painting your toenails. It’s time alone with yourself, this can be a walk, reading a book, visiting the gym, anything that makes you happy. You’ll be surprised how better you feel after some time with yourself. Always remember that you are your longest commitment. Also, always keep learning. You can never know too much and you cannot over develop yourself.
Want to learn a new language? Do it.
Want to take an online course? Do it.
It will give you a sense of pride in yourself. You will be surprised by your own potential.

4. Be Cliché

Yes, you heard it. All those Instagram posts (well most) are correct. Be grateful, write affirmations, drink water, eat well, do yoga, meditate. All these things are great for your mental health and bring peace to your mind. In this day and age, life is constant, our brains never stop, we are constantly stimulating our minds and it can be exhausting and overwhelming. Fill your mind with peace and positive thoughts and you will live a more positive life. Fact.

5. Seek Help If You Need It

In my professional career, I have found one thing in common with over half my clients. They didn’t seek help when their problems first started. I am also a qualified counsellor and luckily I am able to assist my clients with deeper issues. A lot of my clients have been struggling/suffering for long periods of time and many have admitted to being too afraid to seek help until they had no other option. I can’t express how important it is to appreciate that they have even asked for help and, at any stage of their lives, however, the longer you wait to seek help, the longer the process takes to help you.
I would just like to state that asking for help is one of the bravest things you can do. I’m not just talking about depression etc, even just asking for help to get your life in order is a huge step.

Do not be afraid to seek what you need in life.