Travel & Yoga Retreat: connecting with people, nature, and yourself

Federico Orozco
Written by Federico Orozco

If you’ve never gone on a retreat but have travelled many times, why not make your next trip a yoga retreat? That’s hitting two birds with one stone, actually. You get the opportunity to see another place and gain a transformative experience to boot. If you have no idea what yoga is all about, then a yoga retreat will be another adventure you can have.

There are numerous reasons to take that retreat. Some may consider it a chance to commune with nature while others will think of it as some kind of camping trip with meditation thrown in. Still, others want this kind of retreat as a way of “cleansing” body, mind, and soul, which is really what yoga aims to do, whether it is as a retreat or not.

Reasons to Go on Retreat:

While each individual may have his or her own reasons for choosing to take a retreat, here are some which you may find interesting as they resemble your circumstances:

  1. Going on a retreat gives you the chance to be out of your daily routine and cut off concerns or anxieties that accompany everyday living. On a retreat, you will notice how it becomes its very own universe that can provide the opportunity to disconnect from hectic schedules even if only for a weekend. A retreat can significantly rejuvenate and recharge the participants.
  2. Anyone can go on a retreat but for those who are already yoga practitioners a retreat can be a bonus to deepen and accelerate progress of the practice. For yoga practitioners who have particularly busy schedules a retreat can be an excellent way to meet the challenges of what the next levels of yoga bring. It can also be a new way to put out-of-practice yoga enthusiasts back on track.
  3. People who are always on the look out for new travel destinations will find this kind of retreat an adventure in travel. Yoga retreats are a safe way for those who prefer to travel solo within a safe environment. If you want travel with enough alone time, this trip would be perfect for you. Yogis who are also readers can bring a book or two to read alone and not offend anyone.
  4. Nature lovers will appreciate yoga retreats because of the varied geographical locations they are conducted in, depending on the retreat provider. Some retreat providers offer the most unusual and interesting destinations like indigenous communities, forests, sea coasts, and mountain sides. You not only experience yoga, you experience it in an environment that is very natural.

Consider A Different Kind of Retreat

Regardless of age, you can re-evaluate the life you have had so far and make the necessary changes or adjustments that yoga can enlighten you to make. A trip of the retreat kind can enable you to set goals and reflect without external interferences. It can lead you to make informed decisions which you may have not thought possible given your immersion in a busy and stressful daily routine.

If you want to reconnect with your inner self, travel to another adventure-filled destination and meet new people who share your interests, consider a yoga retreat. Check out some options at: