Womb Healing

How often do we fall into healing as a result of our own healing desires? After five years of carrying the burden of a forced abortion and the associated trauma that goes along with terminating a pregnancy you never wanted to end, my own desire to heal and reconnect with my womb space led me on a path of serendipitous moments that would land me on the Isle of Avalon in May 2019 on the inaugural “Shamanic Womb Healing with Tuning Forks” CPD.

It was here that my desire to heal the world one womb at a time was really fueled and I now offer out my own healing to those who wish to heal their wombs from past traumas, birth traumas, sexual abuse, terminations and miscarriages. The healing can also help to heal from diseases such as endometriosis, fibroids, cysts and PCOS to name but a few. Then there is the healing of the energetic body for example the inability to birth new ideas, money problems, trust issues, lack of self esteem and problems with fear and intimidation.

Womb healing covers a myriad diseases, trauma and physical ailments as well as energetic ones and due to the nature of the healing, using the tuning forks, this limits physical touch making this type of healing accessible to many.

The use of the tuning forks is a way of working around the womb medicine wheel which works with the elements and an “off road map” to assist with unlocking the blocks and traumas held within one or more of the 8 gateways. Sound is such a powerful healing modality and accessible to a wide audience; even if the concept of shamanic journeying doesn’t appeal, the actual experience of working with sound around the womb medicine wheel is a great place to start with that reconnection to the sacred space of the womb

So many have us have become disconnected from our womb spaces;  our menstrual cycles no longer aligning with the lunar cycle, and very often those cycles that we do have are artificial. So a session of shamanic womb healing is a great space to drop back into that sacred space, our place of inner knowing and through shamanic journeying we can begin to unlock and unblock those traumas or feelings that we have been harbouring.

As women we all deserve the right to align with our womb, awakening the feminine energy within us, connecting to our bodies and its natural rhythms; so ladies, why not drop into a womb healing session and give yourself the gift of connection.