Yoga and Meditation for Kids

Holly Plackett
Written by Holly Plackett

As adults we regularly find the western lifestyle tiring, stressful and hardwork. If we as adults feel like this, how do our kids feel? Is it simply natural progression of our species that has resulted in unruly, hyperactive, inattentive children or is there more to it. Are our children stressed in this fast paced, media orientated world they live in? We try and shoe horn so much into our lives and our children’s lives. Health and safety has made play dangerous, and parents are wary of letting kids out of their sight. What affect is this having on our children and how can we help them through it? We could just bemoan the stressful elements of the western lifestyle or we could endeavour to make a difference in our children’s lives.

More and more we see articles about how yoga and meditation introduced into schools has had a very positive affect on children with respect to their behaviour, focus and ultimately their happiness. I came across this infographic on A Yoga Story For Kids it summarises the problems faced by children and the benefits they can gain from Yoga.

Infographic courtesy of Lakshmi Gosyne