6 Habits of High Performers

Rebecca Michelle
Written by Rebecca Michelle

Are you one?

Brendon Burchard spent 20 years studying what makes a high performer. He found these six habits, or DELIBERATE HABITS, set the extraordinary, apart from the ordinary. 

1.  Seek Clarity Consistently

Having clear intentions (and avoiding vagueness) helps you stay focused on what’s important. 

Regularly asking yourself these questions brings you clarity:

🔹How would you love to describe your ideal self?
🔹What emotional qualities do you want to experience?
🔹What’s meaningful to you?
🔹How do you want others to feel around you?
🔹What skills do you want to embody?
🔹How do you want to be of service?

These answers set the foundation and refine themselves over time helping you avoid distractions and remain focused. 

2.  Generate Energy

Taking breaks (aka little moments of self-care), ideally every 45-60 min, will increase stamina by allowing:

🔹tension to release
🔹freshness in demeanour
🔹a break from mental focus

Basically, it’s a way to maintain greater physical vitality and mental health throughout the workday. 

3.  Raise Necessity

🔹Know why you do what you do
🔹Know why it’s important to perform well
🔹Know who you’re doing this for

This keeps you engaged with a high level of motivation or a psychological drive through identity so you’re more likely to perform at a higher level. 

4.  Increase Productivity

High Performers see the bigger goal and align themselves to identify the primary and relevant needs to direct focus to achieve results. They give most of their energy to develop absolutely needed skills for long-term success and became consistent in learning those skills overtime.

5.  Develop Influence

High Performers learn how to lead others by:

🔹teaching people how to think
🔹challenging them to grow

When you impact someone else’s thoughts in a positive way, you have influence. Simple as that. 

6.  Demonstrate Courage

High Performers consistently speak their truth by expressing what they:

🔹 and they aren’t afraid to ask for help

They speak more openly creating a space for vulnerability and a possibility for connection which is inspiring. 

So, which habits are you performing or find meaningful to incorporate in your life?

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