Access Bars® – A Game Changer in your Life

Frederique Tabarant

What is Access Consciousness?

It is an innovative and pragmatic method, a toolbox to use every day, in order to facilitate life, change what you want to change in any domain, and enhance access to more consciousness.

This method was created in 1995 in the United States by Gary Douglas. And today it is present in 176 countries, with thousands of facilitators and practitioners around the world.

It is not an organisation, nor a group or an association, and there are no members either. You have the choice to use the tools or not and to see if it adds something to your life. Nobody asks you to believe in anything, but on the contrary, the method gives you the means to develop consciousness and free yourself!

What makes Access Consciousness different, is that it is not “spiritual” or metaphysical, or a religious. It does not have a structure or dogma or set of beliefs that you must accept or fit yourself into. Access is about facilitating you to be your own expert, rather than rely on someone else’s “truths”. Access will never define you or in any way limit what you can be or do or create or generate.

It is about being more yourself, knowing what you know (which is a lot more than what you think you know), doing what works for you, and going beyond limiting beliefs, judgments and conditionings.

Access consciousness empower you to ease your life, to make it more joyful and to open yourself to more possibilities!

“All of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory”® , is the Access’s mantra. Glory, being the exuberant abundance of life.

What if you would choose consciousness?

Consciousness is where everything exists and nothing is judged, according to the cofounder, Gary Douglas and Dain Heer.

Gary Douglas defines Consciousness as the ability to be present at any time in your life without judging yourself or others. It’s the ability to receive everything, to reject nothing and create everything you want in life.

Unfortunately, our world has been built on judgement (in other word anti-consciousness) which is the compass we have used, since childhood, to decide and orientate ourselves in life. We live in a binary or dual world where everything is judged. It is good or bad, weak or strong, right or wrong. Or we reject or we accept a situation or something.

Access tools facilitate a non-judgmental attitude, where everything is “an interesting point of view”. This is not to say that judgement is bad, but it eliminates possibilities in your life.  Each time you have a point of view or a conclusion about something, you only see the possibilities that validate your conclusion, you reduce the choice you have and you are not able to receive from all of your life.

If you reduce your choice, you limit creation. Choice is the source of all creation. To create something we choose. Each choice that we have made has created what we live. If you change what you choose now, you will create something different in your life. Do you prefer to decide between two possibilities or to choose from infinite possibilities? What will create more in your life, asking questions or having conclusions and judgement?

What if the world was a space of no judgement and total allowance? In other words, what if there was no source of conflict anymore, infinite possibilities and more choice to create?