Angel Healing Therapy

Angel Healing

Angel Healing Therapy works with the angels, archangels and ascended masters to assist with healing, grounding and protection, inspiration and fulfilment, gratitude and happiness.  It is a form of energy healing channelled through a practitioner and is activated by calling upon the angels to assist within everyday life. Angels are there to help everyone…but you do have to ask for that help!

An Angel Healing Therapist can facilitate others to find and connect with their guardian angels and the wider angelic realm, which can also mean calling upon specific angels who have a special focus e.g. Archangel Michael – the great protector, Archangel Raphael – the healer and Archangel Gabriel – the angel of revelation. The therapist acts as a heightened connection through which the angels can channel their energy. In this way, it can appear very similar to reiki and appropriately attuned therapists can even bring the two therapies together as ‘Angel Reiki’.

The history of angels as we know them today dates as far back as 550BC but Angel Healing Therapy appeared and grew significantly towards the end of the twentieth century. Although there is a more complicated hierarchy of celestial choirs, including cherubim and seraphim, it is the lower rungs of angels and archangels that we hear the most about as these sit more closely to the earthly level (Visit the Spirital Encyclopedia for more information). They can help us in our daily lives to move positively forward and facilitate in the removal of physical, emotional and spiritual obstacles when it is in our best interest.

Angel Healing
Photo by Erik Stine on Unsplash

Angelic assistance is borne out of love and compassion and the more a person connects with the angelic realm, the more that reassurance can be found in signs, messages, coincidences and synchronicities. Most commonly, these may come in the form of feathers, bells, coins, clouds, colours and numbers (including direct numbers [e.g. 1-9], angelic number sequences [e.g. 111, 222, 333…] and personal numbers that mean something only to you – Visit Ask Angels for a helpful guide). So, next time you see a feather in a strange place, see a penny on the floor, hear a bell at an odd time or notice the striking occurrence of two unusual things happening concurrently, then consider that your angels are near!

An Angel Healing Therapy session can provide a feeling of increased well-being and balance, reduce stress, anxiety and feelings of unease by bringing a sense of release, calm and peace, remove energetic blockages and help to ease physical ailments. (As with all holistic therapies, however, it should never take the place of traditional medicine and medical support where this is needed.) A session may take the form of a hands-on or ‘hands near’ (or even remote) treatment to facilitate the channelling of energy, which may also include aura cleansing and balancing chakras to smooth the path of healing and a person’s receptivity towards it. It can involve Angel Card readings, meditation, the use of crystals and even sound energy (such as angelic tuning forks, which deliver particular frequencies to connect with your higher self and the angels). Some Angel Healing practitioners also have other spiritual gifts such as clairvoyance, clairsentience and claircognizance and are able to offer angelic guidance in this way.