Aspects and Benefits of Shamanic Healing

Jayne Birkett
Written by Jayne Birkett

Why do we benefit from shamanic treatment?
What happens in a shamanic treatment?

In terms of human history virtually all of our ancestors lived a shamanic way of life as a member of a hunter gatherer tribe. Anthropology tells us they were extremely healthy, eating a diet of over 200 plus food types and are thought to have suffered very little mental health problems based on studies of more modern hunter gatherer tribes. They were tuned into their environment in order to survive and could easily communicate and deeply understand what they referred to as the plant people, standing people (trees), stone people and the animals to find their food, clothing, shelter and medicines.

How does this relate to us now?

These tribes covered the globe and although they lived in very different climates and terrains there were many similarities with their beliefs and practices across the world. Anthropologist Michael Harner studied these similarities and introduced us to these core practices that are used today in modern shamanism and although we live in a very different world to our ancestors, shamanism is still very relevant. It’s a very practical and direct form of spirituality and healing.

What happens in a shamanic journey?

Simply put, the shamanic practitioner journeys to a drum beat of roughly four beats per second which causes  a deep state of meditation allowing them  to move into the shamanic realms. The realms include The Lower World, a place of unspoilt nature, The Middle World the energy world behind this one and The Upper World, a place of morals and ethics.

When we journey into the shamanic realms we can connect with the energy of the plants, animals, stones and human guides and fully experience them and their healing qualities to then bring back a healing story for the client.

Shaman believe we get ill because of soul or power loss.

When we journey we connect with our power animal and connection back to power is lifelong. Our power animal assists in navigating the realms and is our support and guide.

When we are traumatised or overwhelmed we can suffer soul loss and this can happen multiple times throughout our lives. Part of the role of a shamanic practitioner is to retrieve and reintegrate lost soul parts, literally making us whole again and allowing us to become more like who we are truly meant to be. We become happier, sturdier, clearer and healthier. We lose fear and anxiety and are able to focus and make good choices in our ongoing process of recovery.

If you want to understand more about modern shamanism, The Three Ravens College is a great place to learn. Offering introductory days and foundation courses that are very student friendly and easy to attend.

Paul Francis who has developed the college has a book called The Shamanic Journey which is a very well written and informative read for those wanting to learn more. Highly recommended!