Belly Button Healing and Brain Education

Let the preparation begin…..

It is a very exciting time!

Ilchi Lee the founder of Belly Button Healing and Brain Education is coming to the UK on the 17th March for the first time in 10 years.

Lee has spent the last 37 years working tireless to help people recover their health, happiness and peace. He has created many methods, including Belly Button Healing and these methods have spread around the world, most notably in Korea, Japan, America, Europe and the UK.

I personally cannot wait to hear him speak at the conference on Saturday 17th March at The Drum in Wembley.

I have heard Ilchi Lee speak many times before but each time I am amazed at how much I receive from him. I always leave believing in my power and potential as a human being. My favourite saying of his is “You have come to this planet because the 21st century earth earnestly desired you”.

At the conference on Saturday 17th March, Ilchi Lee will discuss his new book ‘I’ve decided to live 120 years’. The key word being decided. How have YOU decided to live your life? In the book Lee gives many tips and practical pieces of advice on how to live a life of purpose, thereby creating health, happiness and peace.

In his book Lee talks about Health being a springboard to happiness and peace.  One of the best ways to health, Belly Button Healing. This method of self healing promotes the health of body and mind by stimulating the belly button, which is considered a kind of trigger point. Of course, to really understand Belly Button Healing, you need to experience it directly. If you haven’t already tried it, then I hope you can soon.

I also hope you can make the 17th March to hear from the man himself, the creator of Belly Button Healing, Ilchi Lee.

I will leave you with an extract from ‘I’ve Decided to Live 120 Years’

“There is one thing, though, that stands above the rest as necessary nutrition for the human body, mind and spirit: hope. Without hope, there is no drive even to live, and the more hope we have, the more motivated and enthusiastic we feel”.

“We can make hope for ourselves any time just by changing our thoughts and attitudes”

Go on, give it a try, give yourself hope today.

See you on the 17th