Blueprint for your Mind

Salvija Reiciune
Written by Salvija Reiciune

Imagine having the power to shift your mind easily and effortlessly…

Words have energy. Each word said out loud, or quietly, releases that energy out into the universe and matches with your energy. Words that we use to communicate with ourselves are the paint for our life and our mind is the artist that uses that paint to create the picture. The picture where you are today.

Every day we chat with ourselves, consciously or subconsciously. Sometimes it is positive, sometimes it is negative. No matter what we are saying to ourselves – it creates a blueprint for our mind, a blueprint that needs to become a reality. The mind does not care if it is positive or negative, good or bad for you, all it cares about is – if you say it, you must want it.

Imagine constantly saying to yourself “this job is killing me”, “my kids are always sick, they catch every virus and bacteria”, “I hate exercising”, “salads are rabbit food”, “I will never earn that much money” – these phrases are direct instructions to your mind and links to negative emotions or experiences. Your mind’s job is to protect you from pain, keep you alive, make sure you are happy and safe. For example, if you say that your job is killing you – your mind will do everything to stop you going to work or working. Since there are no specific instructions on how to keep you away from work, it might be physical pain, illness, just not feeling well, anything that the mind sees fit in the situation to keep you from work.

Another great is example is – you want to be rich and have a lot of money and just buy whatever you want. But every day you say jokingly or not “I’m broke”, “My bank account is empty”, “I don’t even know what I’m going to eat, I am so poor”, “I can’t wait for my salary, I’m just starving”, “money just flies from my account”, and then when you go to the shop, you buy the cheapest thing, because you believe you are broke. That’s exactly what your mind is making reality. It is not that money is not available to you or you are not smart enough to earn millions, no, you block yourself from money by believing you are broke.

Photo by Elena Mozhvilo on Unsplash

Being self-aware and noticing what are you saying to yourself can set you on a very different path and paint a very different picture in every area of your life. Don`t start changing your whole vocabulary at once though – that will be a huge challenge, instead starting with a few words and getting into the habit of changing them is a brilliant way to begin. The rest of the words will start changing automatically. You have the power to do this, and it is easy and fun!

I do this myself even today when I notice some words or phrases in my language that I do not quite align with. It helped me in many situations where I wasn`t sure about myself, especially starting a new business, it always challenges you and even more so if you are new in the market – there is a lot of learning to be done. Plus, it can affect your emotions, feelings, mood, so paying attention to what you are saying to yourself can be crucial.

Even with performance, any kind, anywhere, for example doing a PowerPoint presentation at work in front of your colleagues and boss – I am sure many start to get nervous, sweat and think “oh gosh, I don’t know if I can do this…”. You always have a choice, you can convince yourself that you can`t do this and your mind will make this reality and you suddenly feel too ill to do the presentation or you know you do an amazing job, you know what you are talking about, and this presentation is going to be amazing – which again your mind will make it a reality. The choice is yours.

The exact same approach would apply if you were performing in sports, building your own business, climbing the career ladder, sales person etc.

I do this exercise with all my clients, because if you can`t change how you program yourself daily, how can you expect some self-development exercises to just change your life? What you are saying to yourself is very important and powerful.

If you’ve done self-development exercises before, they probably worked for some time and then you might have gone back to your original state after a while, it is most likely that your language and words to yourself – haven’t changed.

I invite you to try this exercise/game/challenge if it resonates with you (call it whatever sounds most fun to you) and change your life, change how you feel and how you approach things. It is truly incredible and powerful. Create new blueprints for your mind to make them reality. Please share your results with me, I am super curious about how things will shift for you!

Love, Salvija

Main photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash