Boost Your Immunity

Herbal Medicine
Catherine McLean
Written by Catherine McLean

How do your boost your immunity and keep yourself in optimum health during a pandemic? There are several natural ways to boost immunity.

  • Eat a natural, wholesome fresh daily diet.
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables are important.
  • Avoid refined carbohydrates, sugar and excessive alcohol.
  • Keep your body free from toxins and drink lots of water.

Boosting our immunity is vital, as this will help to fight infections.

Enjoy herbal teas.

Fresh lemon juice and chopped fresh ginger in hot water is a great way to start the day, it boosts your metabolism and detoxifies your liver.
Try, fresh mint leaves steeped in hot water, it’s great for digestion and prevents free radical activity in your system.
Also fresh sage leaves in hot water, which is good for menopause, reduces blood sugar levels and is an antioxidant.

Stinging nettle is another highly beneficial drink, it is a great blood cleanser, detoxifier, great source of iron and brilliant for seasonal allergies. So, before you think this is a weed, think again! It is a great aid to stimulate your immune system.

Vitamin C is a great immune booster.

Try fresh orange juice, squeeze your own or maybe a high quality, high strength time release supplement. Vitamin C can be found in oranges, lemons, limes, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage and leafy greens to name a few.

Garlic is another great addition.

I haven’t been without it through this unprecedented time. Peel and chop a clove and swallow whole without chewing after your evening meal. Maybe, this sounds too much, add it to your food or try a garlic supplement. Not only does this have powerful ability to combat colds and flu, it’s great for respiratory conditions, a powerful antiviral and antibacterial. It improves cholesterol and blood pressure, great for those with heart conditions.

Ginger is a great boost.

Drink fresh ginger steeped in hot water. Chew a fresh piece to relieve sore throats, add to casseroles. I always keep fresh ginger root available and add ginger spice to my smoothies and muesli. Chewing on a fresh piece when a niggly sore throat appears has been a great relief for me.

Elderberry Syrup

This was a new addition for me last Autumn. I picked fresh elderberries and made a syrup/tonic, stored in bottles in the fridge. A tablespoon was taken every evening after dinner, I also froze some in cubes which was very helpful when I needed it most. It is widely reputed for immune boosting properties and ability to help fight colds and flu.


This has been used for many years to help ward off colds and flu. It is a good idea to take one course of this at the start of winter or at the first signs of infection. Don’t take more than one course at a time and adhere to the guidelines on the bottle. It is available in tablet and tincture.

Vitamin D

Widely reported as an important way to keep this awful new virus away. Walk in the sunshine daily. If this isn’t possible, take a low dosage supplement. Please do seek a holistic therapist’s advice and guidance.


An incredible antioxidant and anti inflammatory that helps to fight diseases, boosts immunity, helps with weight loss, great for cardiovascular health and so much more. This Queen of Fruits has been life changing for me.


Another powerful supplement which can be enjoyed in smoothies and added to a variety of dishes. It is filled with over 40 antioxidants which boost immunity and has been used for centuries in the fight against diseases.

Apple cider vinegar

This is great when one has a nasty cold. It soothes the throat and helps to release catarrh. It is a very good aid in weight loss and boosts metabolism. It’s properties are far reaching, antiviral and promotes good gut flora.

If you are unsure about any advice, please always consult a Holistic Therapist for guidance. Never overdose, be consistent and sensible. Your health is your greatest investment.