Bring Light & Love into your life with “MYE Healing”

Meet Yourself Energy Healing
Tasneem and Naheed
Written by Tasneem and Naheed

If you were given a skill that alleviated stress, anxiety, frustration, sickness, pain; and promoted joy, confidence, emotional stability, love – how might you use it to change your life?

Everyone wants to be happy and healthy. Yet, it often seems that a myriad obstacles get in the way of this. Doubt, fear, worries may disturb your peace of mind; while physical ailments or challenging situations may cause further suffering. How can you end the suffering and attract health and happiness into your life?

You are a vibrational being, like everything in the Universe, and can therefore be affected by other vibrational energies. All matter (including your body) is essentially energy, vibrating at different frequencies. The physical body is dense (low vibrational energy), and surrounded by layers of less dense, higher frequency energy – the bio-energetic field, or aura. The aura is invisible to most people but, in reality, there is no separation between the material (visible) and non-material (invisible) parts. Only the limited perception of our physical senses creates the illusion of separation.

All thoughts, emotions, actions create energy vibrations. Positive ones (high frequency) like love and compassion strengthen the mind, body and spirit. Negative ones (low frequency) like anger, stress, criticism, hate, anxiety, conflict weaken them. This energy affects the person and is also released into the environment. Thus, a person’s overall energy (vibes) will be affected by their own emotions, thoughts, actions – and the energies of other beings and objects around them – which they have absorbed from their environment, through their aura.

Hence, people who frequent public places are more likely to absorb negativity (low frequency energy). This affects the whole being – our energy levels drop, thereby affecting our emotional, physical, mental, spiritual states…. and illness may result.

What is Meet Yourself Energy Healing?

Meet Yourself Energy Healing (MYE) is approved worldwide by IICT (International Institute of Complementary Therapists). Meet Yourself Energy Healing taps into a stream of Life Force Energy (LFE) that is pure, divine light – comprising the energies of unconditional love, wisdom and creativity. Life Force Energy exists everywhere in the universe. It gives life to matter, raises its awareness, and continues to nourish and sustain it. The Healer channels this energy from the Universal Source to the recipient.

The energies of unconditional love, wisdom and creativity (very high frequency energies) have tremendous healing power – the power to transmute low frequency energies like fear, pain, anger, guilt, shame.

How can Meet Yourself Energy Healing help?

Meet Yourself Energy Healing does more than simply relieve symptoms – it reaches deeper, below the physical symptoms, to address the underlying root cause of our suffering: the energy imbalance, and deficiency of Life Force Energy. It releases energy blocks, transmutes negativity and raises your energetic vibration. This increases your receiving power (ability to absorb ‘positive’ energies like love and Life Force Energy), and thereby supports your body to heal itself on a deeper level.

This energy has a radiance that illuminates the heart, mind and soul, like a lamp in the dark. It lights up any shadows or areas of darkness within you – areas where you may be harbouring uncomfortable emotions (such as anger, frustration, hurt, loneliness, grief), or feeling ‘stuck’ or uncertain. It increases awareness of one’s self; promotes feelings of self-compassion, love, self-trust; helps to dissolve fear and pain; promotes physical healing of illness and trauma.

The benefits of Meet Yourself Energy Healing

  • Improves health on all levels (physical/ mental/ emotional/ spiritual).
  • Increases immunity, resistance to illness, and regenerative power – promoting recovery and healing.
  • Accelerates healing after trauma & surgery, and reduces pain, & inflammation.
  • Increases mental clarity, awareness and creativity.
  • Promotes relaxation, emotional resilience, positive attitude.
  • Promotes feelings of inner peace & self-confidence.
  • Alleviates stress, anxiety, anger, fear, depression, addictions.
  • Increases one’s ability to receive love & affection.
  • Promotes compassion for oneself and others, and feeling of connection with others.

Photo by Josh Boot on Unsplash