Crystal Healing Therapy

Crystal therapy

Crystals are created through the natural alignments of minerals over many years. They display what is known as the piezoelectric effect. This means that they build up a tiny electrical charge which can be used to harmonise the natural electrical charge of our bodies.

Many cultures including the Egyptians, Greeks and Native Americans  have used crystals for healing both in their vibrational capacity and as elixirs to drink. For thousands of years they have been used to rid us of negatives energies that would harm us and to promote our positive and healing energies to improve wellbeing.

Crystal healing therapy works by placing crystals on or around the body to bring harmony and healing to the client through their vibration and the intention set by the healer. When a crystal enters your aura, it can change the vibration slightly bringing about the healing effect. Crystals do not harm the body.

Crystal Healing can be used to help:

  • Physical ailments such as aches and pains, surgery recovery and hospice support.
  • Balance the chakras to improve the body’s natural energy flow and healing capacity.
  • Promote emotional healing when experiencing bereavement, anxiety and depression.
  • Spiritually, they can be used to amplify prayers, meditations and affirmations of intent.
  • Intellectual healing by supporting positivity, encouraging mental focus and reducing negative thought processes.

The colour, shape, natural properties and intention set by the healer all influence the choice of stones to be used for a therapy session. It is important for the therapist to understand their stones and take care to clean and energise them effectively for the best therapeutic results.

Cleansing is usually done through natural elements such as the sun, moon, water or smoke.

Just having crystals in our everyday environment can improve our natural balance, for example, black tourmaline is a natural purifier and can be used for cleansing and detoxifying. Rose quartz promotes self love and healing and carnelian is often used for confidence and creativity.

Treatment sessions involve a discussion with the therapist who will then chose the relevant crystals for their client. The client will often lay prone on a couch and the stones will be placed on or around their body. It is a non invasive, very peaceful and relaxing therapy.