Over-Thinking Issues

Catherine McLean
Written by Catherine McLean

Hands up, I can say I have certainly been down this path.  It creates an endless cycle of allowing our minds to play the “what if game” and generates more worry.  This distracts us from a more positive thought process. 

When we worry about relationships, work, a new business, children, finances, health and so much more, does it actually resolve the situation?

No, it does not.

The reason is because we are fuelling the situation with negative energy instead of switching it around to find the positives.

So, let’s stop our minds from playing “what if games” and journal your thoughts about that situation, maybe even write a list of all the positives on one side and the negatives on the other and then let it go.  Worry is counter-productive and won’t help any situation you face in life.  It is not good for mind, body or soul and in some cases can cause you to become quite ill.

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It is far better to get to the core of why you are over-thinking and what has caused this fretful state of mind.  That is why journaling really helps, I find this really beneficial and have been doing so daily for several years.  Also, it’s important to go deep within yourself and understand yourself on a core level.  You can only do this when you take quality time out for yourself.  Be alone somewhere quietly where you can relax, enjoy your surroundings and take the necessary time out to be reflective.  Make notes if necessary, or record your thoughts. 

Let your thoughts and feelings flow without reservation.

When we go deep within ourselves, it’s like taking a giant step backwards and examining closely what has caused the feelings and emotions we go through.  Only by understanding how it was all caused, can you then find the best way to untangle it.

This requires absolute honesty with yourself, about your fears, insecurities and the underlying reasons that make you over-think.  In some cases it may be related to perfectionism, past traumas, fear of failure, or other personal circumstances and issues.  

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Remember that over-coming the over-thinking is never going to happen overnight.  You need to give yourself love, patience, self-compassion and have a positive commitment to self-development.  

You can do it, I know you can.  We all can.

So, in a nutshell…. go deep within yourself, understand yourself better.  Only you can truly know yourself and be your best friend who will not only cheer you on, but help and guide you.  Gradually you will begin to unravel all the over-thinking and in doing so you will find greater clarity and peace of mind.  That will feel incredibly good, you will look back in months or even years to come and I have no doubt you will applaud yourself for the courage you took to overcome this over-thinking.  I also am sure, that in time, situations like this will become less frequent.  You will believe in yourself more and have firmer and quicker resolve to nip any such issues in the bud.

To your Peace of Mind
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