Dwarf Planets in Astrology and their Giant Impact on Collective Consciousness

For the last couple of decades, some astrologers have been exploring and paying attention to the meaning of dwarf planets. Although this is still an ongoing investigation, more and more is becoming known about how to interpret these dwarf planets. So far, the dwarf planets have received names related to indigenous cultures.  On December 28, 2004, a dwarf planet was discovered and named after the Hawaiian Goddess of fertility – Haumea. She is seen as the Goddess who influences childbirth and is strongly related to Earth as the mother of life. While astrologers are still exploring the meaning of Haumea, we may look at some important events during her discovery.

Dwarf Planet Haumea

Haumea was discovered two days after the devastating Tsunami in Asia on December 26, 2004. A disaster that led to the death of an estimated 230 000 people. It seems a contradiction that the Goddess of birth was discovered after the death of so many people. But what if death on one side of the veil leads to birth on the other? What if collective death is calling for mass rebirth? Maybe Haumea is telling us that our souls are immortal, and birth and death are merely portals to other dimensions and forgotten parts of ourselves.

Only one week after the Tsunami, on January 5, 2005, another dwarf planet was discovered, and named Eris. This dwarf planet represents our fight for existence and courageously standing up for our beliefs. This all happened roughly a year after Sedna was discovered. The time when dwarf planets were discovered marked a new era that invited humanity to become aware of their cosmic roots. But for now, we will stay focused on Haumea. Haumea is regarded as the higher frequency of Neptune.   Neptune reflects our need to dissolve boundaries in order to feel oneness and reach enlightenment.  Ever since the discovery of the first dwarf planet, Pluto, humanity entered a new stage of awareness. More and more people started to open up to other realities and become familiar with new ways to reach enlightenment. Neptune is seen as the higher frequency of Jupiter. Jupiter is the symbol of expansion and liberation. So, the first clue we had about Haumea was this Tsunami, where many people were leaving the world stage.

Understanding Dwarf Planets

To understand more about dwarf planets, we also need to explore the charts of people with a dominant Haumea placement in their chart. Last week I went to see the movie Oppenheimer. Robert Oppenheimer was a scientist who invented the first atomic bomb. In the movie, we see how Oppenheimer created a mass weapon. His intention was not to ever use the bomb but to offer the US a weapon that would impress the Nazis and end WW2 without needing to use the bomb at all.  However, as soon as his tests were completed, the government took over and bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki with the bomb that Oppenheimer created.

When we look at Oppenheimer’s birth chart, we see that he has Neptune in the first house in exact conjunction with Haumea. I find it remarkable that his intention with his invention was to protect life, while it led to mass death and an estimated 220 000 people leaving the Earth. 

On a more personal level, the movie tells us that Oppenheimer was quite a womaniser. We see this more often with Neptune in the first house, as Neptune dissolves boundaries and gives a certain charisma. People with Neptune in the first house have magnetic energy, and one could easily drown in their Neptunian eyes. Haumea conjunct Neptune emphasises this attraction.

Another meaning of Neptune conjunct Haumea in the first house is the spiritual view on life. The movie shows how spiritual books, such as the Bhagavad Gita, influenced Oppenheimer. Unfortunately, the scriptwriters missed the board completely with the Quotes from the Bhagavad Gita they mentioned.

There were more spiritual quotes in the movie that had an essential meaning in the story about Oppenheimer but unfortunately, the directors used it in a way that didn’t do justice to the Creators of the Spiritual texts.

The words of Prometheus were quoted; “I am the one who brought the fire of the Gods to humanity. I am the destructor of life.”

When we look at the asteroid Prometheus, we see that this asteroid is in close conjunction with Uranus in Capricorn in the seventh house in Robert Oppenheimer’s chart. Uranus is the rebel and genius that breaks old conventions to bring new awareness. In Greek mythology, Prometheus is a descendant of Uranus, sky father, and Gaia, earth mother. Prometheus is referred to as the God of Fire. He stole the fire from the Olympian Gods and gave it to humanity through technology and knowledge.

We did see some of the destructive energy in Oppenheimer’s relationships. I don’t mean to say he was responsible for this destructive energy. However, it was a theme in his out-of-marriage relationships.

Usually, when we look at outer planets or dwarf planets, we interpret them as generational themes. However, they become personal in a corner house, such as the first, fourth, seventh and tenth. They also become personal in conjunction with a planet in the birth chart.

What is interesting and painful about the setting where the atomic bomb was developed and tested is that this happened in Los Alamos, New Mexico, but the movie doesn’t mention that this was the homeland of Hispanic and Indigenous homesteaders. One can only imagine what harm had been done to the people in New Mexico. The dwarf planets have in common that they bring back indigenous wisdom, values and heritage. Now that the dwarf planets have entered our collective consciousness, we see indigenous wisdom returning and old collective wounds slowly being healed.

On August 6, 1945 Hiroshima was bombed, and on August 9, Nagasaki. An estimated 220 000 people died. At the time of the bombing, Haumea was in conjunction with the Sun and Pluto in Leo. Again, we see that there is a connection between Haumea and mass death. In a dramatic way, the whole world could feel the grief for Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Sadly, it often takes deep grief to unite people and make them aware that we are all connected.

Haumea and mass events

Does this mean that Haumea reflects mass death in general? I would say, No. However, she seems to be related to mass events where fertility and new life energy are needed.  Remember that planets in astrology symbolise our psychological needs. Dwarf planets, as the outer planets, reflect collective psychological needs. Here comes Haumea, into our solar system to remind us of the importance of fertility. She is here to inspire us to protect life and create new life. She is here to guard us through the birthing of the Age of Aquarius, the birthing of a New Earth.

Two years after the bombing, a UFO crashed in Roswell on July 8, 1947. What I find interesting about the discovery of the dwarf planets is that it was during the same time that more and more UFO sightings were discovered, and both were mentioned as covered up. I believe that the dwarf planets are here to remind us of our cosmic origin and that we are more than human beings. Now that disclosure is happening, and there was recently a briefing in U.S. Congress where retired Major David Grusch testified on unidentified aerial phenomena, we may find that full disclosure could happen sooner than we think. This means many interests and views will soon be on the Alien disclosure.

There will be those who will bring messages of fear, and there will be those who will bring messages of hope. As an astrologer and Quantum Healer, who has explored alien lives in trance sessions, and coming from my personal experience of Alien contact, I can only say that we are not separated from Outer Planetary living beings. Our origin lies in other Planets. The dwarf planets have appeared because we are ready to remember our cosmic heritage and our cosmic origin. No matter what will transpire in the coming years, stay centered on knowing that we are loved by Gaia, our Earth Mother, and Cosmic Sky Father. We carry the wisdom of the stars in our veins. All we need to do is open our hearts to the awakening into the Age of Aquarius, the age where we will be cosmic travelers again.

Main photo by Alexander Andrews on Unsplash