Steve Consalvez
Written by Steve Consalvez

The Glasswalk

The sound of glass breaking underfoot as you walk slowly across can be scary, even terrifying. The sound is instinctively bad!

Walking on glass is something that always raises and eyebrow or two! It is just one of those things that people cannot think of a reason why to do it. It has nothing to do with strength or determination; it has nothing to do with skill or physics. It is simply a case of whether to trust the coach leading the event and go for it, or give it a miss. Many people decide to give it a miss, then go for it, after seeing all their colleagues’ success.

The Arrow Break

This is NOT something to try at home. The Firewalking Institute use a standard of target arrow, which is not currently manufactured in the UK, and is an archery arrow used in many specialist locations throughout the UK.

Training is paramount for this exercise, and knowledge of how to facilitate it correctly.

In many ways, breaking an arrow with your throat (specificly your suprasternal/ jugular notch), is one of the most challenging activities that we offer, because the success of this exercise is totally dependent upon the delegate creating enough courage, determination, persistence and decisiveness.

Our role in facilitating this, is to help your team to understand that exercising these strengths, means that something that looks incredibly difficult is relatively easy. The challenge is that it is THEY who need to create the emotion.

These characteristics, courage, determination, persistence and decisiveness are some of what is required in team members for companies going through change, or companies that need to improve their top and bottom lines.

Again, you can use this as either a ‘wow, wasn’t that amazing’, or in a tailored training, bespoke to your exact needs, based upon the corporate challenges you face today. If you would like to know more about how we can create an element for your programme, or create an empowerment day, simply contact us.

The Rebar Bend

Teamwork, unity and communication, is demonstrated amazingly using the bending of a solid, 10mm reinforced construction steel bar with the throats of two participants.

With this exercise, which can either be used as a ‘wow’, or as teamwork and team character-building workshop. Participants get to change beliefs about what’s possible and what’s real. They get to marvel and understand that something to solid and immoveable, hard and impossible to bend, cannot withstand the characteristics that they have naturally within them.

By working with a trained instructor, and learning elements like, action, personal power, decision and determination, they realise that something they thought would be extremely difficult, is actually very manageable. An invaluable belief for companies that are dealing with apparently insurmountable obstacles for success, for their team members personally or for the company.

The Board/Block-break

‘Breaking through’, is one of the most popular reasons why companies use us. The board break is a popular method of showing people what they’re capable of. The great thing about the board break is that participants, who treat it as though they don’t need to try hard, often get a surprise. We teach participants that they have to ‘go beyond’ the board, that their target if hit, means that the board has been broken.

How many people in life only play with just enough? The most impressive teams in business are those who play full out, so with the board break, or the block break, we are working with participants to raise their own energy and spirit, to play full out and to give their all. When they do this activity, participants feel the raised energy BEFORE they go for it, as well as after, and this is a useful understanding for team members who may not realise the impact of their motivational state in the customer service environment.

For corporate fun, we often use the board break mixed with stagecraft, to provide that little bit of extra entertainment, to thrill and amaze, but this adds a great slice of mystery and pizzazz for your delegates.

So whether you would like to know about how we can provide ‘breakthrough’ activities, like board breaking, or the more advanced block breaking, or if you want to just have a little fun, or as part of a Charity event or corporate day, then we’ll be happy to speak with you or your Event Planners.