Feng Shui

Pernille is on the verge of graduating as a Feng Shui Consultant and here she tells us about Feng Shui.

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is a 5000-year-old philosophy where you can create change in your life through your surroundings and interior design. Your home is a direct reflection of your inner life and can be used strategically to attract your dream life through symbols, materials, colours, furniture, and many other things.

Everything you own says something about your beliefs, feelings, desires, and dreams. In fact you are already signalling to the Universe who you are and what you want. By applying the Feng Shui principles consciously, you can positively affect your career, wisdom, growth, luck, recognition, income, relationships and health.

Your home is one big vision board, where you “call” upon the things you want most but at the moment you are not aware of what you are attracting so it might be attracting the wrong things.

A floor plan of the home is a central part of a Feng Shui consultation so Pernille Holberg can calculate a Bagua map of the home, which determines where the different focus areas are. 

Why Feng Shui?

Pernille is graduating the 9th July 2022. She will have been training for one year in the Feng Shui method called Compass School. She started out as a Rapid Transformational Therapist a couple of years ago, so why begin training as a Feng Shui Consultant as well?

The RTT clients I attracted had heavy energies like depression, anxiety, self-harm, OCD and suicide. Their emotional backpack was often full of unresolved trauma and they were often in a state of survival mode.

I love helping people through my RTT work, but no matter how you change subjects, the energy will always be heavier than the energy of a Feng Shui consultation. Interior design is FUN. It involves a lot of fun and positive stories when people tell me about the stuff they have and the stories behind each thing, because we attach feelings to things we own. That is why some people find it hard to tidy up and throw things away.

Feng Shui clients are also different to the RTT clients. Where RTT clients come with a specific problem they want fixed, Feng Shui clients don’t necessarily have that. Most people want to see what Feng Shui can do for them, but they are not in survival mode and they have the energy to look at their home in a new way. 

Feng Shui can do both; fix specific problems or make the atmosphere more harmonious and balanced. I like to work holistically so taking Feng Shui in makes sense to me. RTT is an inner reprogramming whereas Feng Shui is an external type of transformation. They are two separate methods but they do complement each other well. With RTT, the client becomes aware of the root cause of a problem, by looking into their past, and with Feng Shui they can begin to attract the life that they want, by visioning the future and using their home as one big vision board to make the mental picture even more real.

Nature is a central part of Feng Shui and the energy in nature is always perfectly balanced. Pernille tries to be in the nature every day to feel the energy and be inspired.

Feel the energy

Most people can feel, when they come home to someone, if it’s a good place to be. If the house has good energy. We all know that home where you just want to stay forever. And we also know the opposite. Energy cannot be seen it has to be felt. That can be a challenge because often the modern person is not used to feeling. A lot of busy modern people today are disconnected from themselves so feeling their emotions is unfamiliar.

Feng Shui in my own life

I have always been interested in alternative ways of doing things and about 2 years ago we moved to Denmark after many years abroad. I had a Feng Shui consultation before we moved into our house in Denmark, and I saw the results immediately. She helped me decide on which of us should have which rooms according to our energies. We saw the results immediately. My husband got his dream job a few weeks after we moved into the house and my RTT business got off to a flying start. What I wanted to reach in 1 year was achieved in 5 months.

Pernille and her family spend the last two winters in warmer countries and Feng Shui has helped make that dream come true. 2 years ago they spent 2 months in Dubai and this winter they spend 2.5 months in Africa.

I also use my house to attract a life where we live every winter for at least two months in warmer countries. I did this by activating the area in our house for travel activities.

5 Feng Shui Tips that you can do yourself to increase good energy:

  • Tidy up so the energy can flow.
  • Place your bed so you can see the door. It gives a sense of security. 
  • Look critically at what you have: only surround yourself with things that you really love and don’t keep things just because they were expensive or you are afraid to bin them because you got them as a gift. Bin or repair everything that is broken even if it is just a small chip in a cup. 
  • Place you chair so you can see the door and don’t sit and look into a wall. The best position is to sit with a wall behind you as that gives security and overview. 
  • Never sleep with a mirror mirroring you in bed. Mirrors bounce the energy and gives a less restful sleep. 

By Pernille Holberg