Finding your Big Why

The Spa Sisters
Written by The Spa Sisters

The big why in life! It might seem like a heavy subject to get into over a coffee and morning article. Yet, most of the Spa Sisters ideas and epiphany moments have come to light over a chat and a hot drink! In our experience of working in wellness and spa education settings across the world, we have found that some of life’s biggest concerns are often sparked or discovered during a lunch break or discussion in between changing towels in the treatment room.

Whether you are a health and complementary practitioner, an avid lifestyle ambassador or just beginning your journey into self-discovery, this question has probably already come up for you or, will inevitably be put out there after reading this. If you are ready for some soul work, then we say go for it! If you are not ready, that’s OK too.  Just be careful that you don’t ignore any of your grievances for too long as this can manifest into feelings of resignation and resentment. Visualise the rug as you, and the floor as your life. The floor is going to get messy and will inevitably need cleaning. There is only so much we can brush under the rug!

Finding your big why begins with reflection. To even ask this question to yourself means you might be in a state of contemplation or even feeling depressed and doubtful. Going deep with yourself can feel scary, time consuming and energy draining. Most authentic self-discovery comes from surrendering to these big questions we have about our life and our purpose. Since curiosity is part of human nature, why not give yourself a chance to open-up, check in with where you are in your life, work, and relationships and where you want to be!

The Spa Sisters recommend gifting yourself 30 minutes of ME TIME to start with. Go and sit in your favourite spot, limit all distractions and as a departure point you could ask yourself one the following questions and contemplate what your answer would be; perhaps there will be one that you’ll be drawn to instantly or there could be one that brings up some emotions.

  • What makes me want to jump out of bed in the morning?
  • What inspires me?
  • What am I passionate about?
  • What am I really good at?
  • What do I want to bring to the world?
  • What do I most like and admire about myself?
  • What do I need to stop tolerating?

So, take a moment to check in with yourself; is there a question that is exciting you when you think of the response, or perhaps there is one that makes you feel uncomfortable; notice what kind of physical sensations you are getting.

Whatever is coming up, it’s all ok, take a breath and when you are ready explore where that might be coming from and why. Note down or record your responses on your phone, often coming back to them later can bring even greater insight as you progress on your journey of self-discovery.

By the way, humans do often feel that daily suffering is just part of their lot in life. There is a certain amount of uncomfortable conversations that need to be had when you are not feeling fulfilled and want to know why. But you really cannot avoid them if you want to heal your pain and transform your suffering into pure joy for you and your life!

Remember this is your journey, there is no right or wrong way or fixed time frame to do it in. Our top advice is to gift yourself the space and time to explore, maybe seek the help of a professional, and try to do it in a place that inspires you; because you never know where the answer to your WHY might be lying!

Main photo by Pixabay