Firewalking Barefoot

Chris Jones
Written by Chris Jones

The Surprising Breakthrough It Offers

You know that moment when something catastrophic happens, like a minor car accident that could, and maybe even should, have been much worse? There’s a beat and you realise you are OK. Everyone is OK. Shock and joy flood in and we stumble around in both surprise and euphoria.

Photo by Hannah Tims on Unsplash

That moment is a window in our lives. It’s an opportunity to confront our own personal procrastinations that limit us, hold us back and often cause us misery.

‘I could have died’

Suddenly the choice to be made seems inevitable…

Not everyone runs a firewalk event like we do at the Firewalk Experience. We choose to deliver a transformative experience that causes people to make massive and significant changes the days following our events.

We model the minor car accident emotions during our firewalk training, manifesting that transformative moment when we euphorically emerge, stunned we made it through. However, this time, with training ahead of the firewalk, that moment of euphoria is focused on making massive changes to our lives- and to do it right now!

Make no mistake, a firewalk is terrifying.

It’s hot. REALLY hot. And many will get some fire-kisses, our firetribe vernacular for a small blister. But from an insurance point of view, five a side football is way more dangerous. A fire-kiss is about as extreme as it gets on a well-run professional firewalk, unlike the sprained ankles and broken bones that are more common in contact sports.

So that moment, when you step up to the fire lane that you know is hot enough to cook steak and to melt lead, a weird clarity can descend. Especially after we have spent the day priming for this moment.

The sun has just set, the glooming descends, and the embers glow fiery red. The smell of wood smoke fills your nostrils and an ancient kind of calm descends. Your inner warrior rises, of course she does, as we have spent the day invoking her and training her to ascend when she is needed.

It’s almost as if your inner warrior is whispering in your ear … ‘If you can walk fire, then imagine what you could deal with in life, all that stuff that you have been putting off! Let’s DO THIS!’

YARRRGH!!!! Yes, you walked fire! And hell yes, it was hotter than you thought! But it was also easier. Especially for a warrior. That sensation in your feet, that you once called pain, you now recognise is just minor discomfort. Especially for her, you calm, unstoppable inner warrior.  

So what next?

Well, walk fire again of course!

We encourage our firewalkers to walk more than once. Each time we increase the heat and length. And almost always, it’s the women who rise to the challenge with each round. Over the following days, the two biggest outcomes reported from our firewalkers are a pay rise on Monday, or a divorce/recommitment to a relationship declared.  

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It turns out that learning how to trigger your most courageous, calm and certain self is the key to leadership in your own life.

When she shows up, everyone sees it. And life will never be the same again.