Get the benefits of relaxing in just 15 minutes a day

Written by Rebecca@Ffidence

There are many impacts that stress can have on your mind, body, and soul. Yet too many people are trapped thinking that stress is a normal part of their lives. It’s always in the background and is not something that is often dealt with until it gets too bad to ignore because they believe they need it to carry on as normal. However, stress could be having a greater impact on your life than you realise.

Stress triggers your body into fight or flight, which causes your body to focus on survival, not living in the moment and prevents normal functioning. This can lead to many symptoms, including increased illness, digestion problems, and for myself, it causes psoriasis. When you start noticing something wrong, you don’t often think it’s because of stress and we often get told to cover up symptoms with medication. This helps some people improve the quality of their life, however for many, it doesn’t make the problem go away. For me, and so many other people, all it does is disguise the problem.

Stress also reduces your levels of peace and happiness. So instead of letting stress control you this year, change your life by taking time to relax and start noticing all the benefits.

Benefits of relaxing

The impacts stress has on your mind and body means that relaxation could help reverse some of the effects it has had over the years and help you see a new way of living.

One TED talk by Kelly McGonigal showed just the power of how our view of stress has a real impact over our lives. The study found that those who viewed stress negatively also reacted negatively physically and had reduced normal functioning of the arteries. However, when they viewed stress positively, those changes in the body never happened. Instead, their body performed normally even with the same amount of work and stress.

Change how you perceive the world around you, and it can stop your body from being affected. One way to change how you view the world is with hypnosis. It can change your looping thoughts, triggers and limiting beliefs. To start you on the path of changing how you view stress, I am giving away a free hypnosis audio to help you relax your mind and body and begin to change your views.

Photo by Jared Rice on Unsplash

How does it work?

This audio is 15 minutes long! That’s all you need to lie down and focus on yourself and give yourself what you deserve, a relaxed mind and body. Hypnosis audios are a great way to use visualisation with more power and help you change your automatic thoughts and behaviours. It is a great steppingstone, and after 21 days, all the words will turn into a healthy habit you have created for yourself each day.

What others have found with this simple audio

One person, let’s call them Jane (not their real name), was suffering from very bad IBS, causing temporary bed-bound pain in the stomach. This client had an entire RTT session on a different area of their life. Still, before this session, they found that this relaxation audio reduced these symptoms after listening and dramatically reduced their pain.

Another person who has listened to the audio every now and again has found a shift in their day to day. They have felt much calmer generally, with the things that would have caused overwhelm or reactivity. Things don’t seem to have the same effect anymore. They feel much more able to handle what comes their way responsively and calmly. Not only are they seeing these changes, but with more frequent use, they hope to see even more when they can make it into a daily habit!

These are just two different experiences from listening to this free hypnosis audio. Imagine what relaxing can do to your life?

Get it now

Get yourself the relax hypnosis audio for yourself right now. Go to my website and sign up for my newsletter to receive an email with a download link. Listen to it as soon as you receive your very own audio and set a reminder on your phone for when you will listen to it over the next 21 days.

How to get more from the audio

  • Tip 1: If you find yourself falling asleep, don’t worry, this is still okay because your subconscious mind is listening. However, you will notice a bigger impact when both your subconscious and conscious minds listen. Try propping yourself up but still have your back supported. You should be less likely to fall asleep, but if you still find yourself doing this, add an additional time of the day when you can listen to the audio in an awake state, such as eating your breakfast.
  • Tip 2: Listen to the audio in the morning to help prepare your mind for the day ahead. It also gives you the space to listen again in the evening if you have had a stressful day. 
  • Tip 3: Listen after the 21 days as and when. Continuing to listen to the audio after can help reinforce all the good things you have learnt if you feel like you are going backwards to your old habits. If it is not a habit you consciously do, you will lose it. So keep listening to the audio until it feels automatic because we are all different and perfectly unique.