Greater Healing & Deep Transformation Through Human & Animal Connection

Anna Braylin
Written by Anna Braylin

Discover how our beloved animal companions help us heal and evolve, and in doing so, they heal and evolve too.

Do you find yourself questioning your dog, horse, or cat when they are displaying certain behaviours?

What is causing them to act this way?

How can you help them?

When we start to unravel the entangled ball of threads that connect them to us, and us to them, the different lands, people, ancestors, and past lives start to reveal the magic and depth beyond our physical bodies. In doing so, we can see how connected we all are and how we can help each other to be free from unwanted emotions holding us back. This baggage can stop us from living our best lives, creating looping patterns of behaviour that stem from a trauma no matter how trivial it may seem. If an emotional pain was created within our body at that time, that wasn’t allowed to be released, it could still be running the show in some way.

There is no coincidence as to why an animal has shown up in our lives, either intentionally or by chance. They can highlight what we have been avoiding or trying to cover up and hide from the world. For many of us, we have been taught to have shame or guilt around things we have done, thought, believed or created. These are the stories that have been playing out time after time, producing more layers of protection and behaviours that create a reality in our world that confirm our fears. When we unconsciously show up in the world, unaware of what we are creating, signs to wake us up start to get our attention. These signs can come through our beloved animal companions…

The dog who has to say hi to everyone it meets, to keep itself safe, could be reflecting how you are a people pleaser. You put everyone else first and in doing so you make yourself feel safer, but are you in fact creating a world from fear?

The horse who is biting you may be trying to get you to feel your frustration or your unresolved anger. As you look at them in despair or retaliate back you might not see that they are trying to wake you up to the depth of your pain.

The cat who isn’t allowed out as you fear it’s too dangerous for them, is peeing around the house as it is literally peed off! They yearn to go out to ground themselves in nature to soak in the calming energy – asking you to do the same.

We can bring animals into our worlds expecting them just to fit in. We often have a preconceived idea as to what they will bring us and the family. So, when they don’t meet these ideals we start training them to be what we want and feel is needed. This takes our animals further away from the truth of who they are. But hey, we were told to do this when we were growing up, to fit in with family, school, the community, religion… the list goes on. When we behaved in a way that wasn’t acceptable we would have been punished in some form or by use of words, shame, guilt, or physical punishment. Throughout the rest of our lives, we can carry this forward into our relationships, especially with our animal companions.

When we are anxious and stuck in our heads we create an environment that is uncomfortable for ourselves within our own bodies and around us. Animals can feel this, therefore creating an environment around them where they don’t feel safe, heard or understood.

See the connection already being created to mirror our own lives?

When we start to co-create our lives from a place of deeper understanding and awareness this is where the big changes occur. Deeper bonds that allow our animal companions to be all of who they are start to happen. And in turn, allow us to be all of who we truly are.

Taking 100% responsibility for ourselves will allow for a more profound connection and greater healing for all. We cannot create from a place of lack. Forcing and pushing our way forward in life isn’t a beneficial way to do things.

Slowing down, and becoming aware of our emotions, wounds and traumas, as well as what brings us joy, is so important for a better balance within and around us. The energy within our thoughts, the change of our breath, our hidden emotions, pretending you’re ok (when you’re not!), and our words get felt. The love in your heart, the joy in what you do, and the laughter all get felt too. When we own all of who we are, our animal companions can be all of who they are too.

So, ask yourself…

How do you want to show up?

What kind of environment do you wish to create both within and around you?

What changes are you ready to make today?

Can you see the correlations between you and your animals?

And, are you willing to heal to move forward?

How can you better communicate and hear your animal companion?

These questions start to open up the possibility of change and deep healing for all.

Soul Awakening, a passionate advocate for self-empowerment and personal growth, provides animal communication and healing services that can help foster a deeper connection with your animal companions and yourself. By working closely with you and your animal companion, Soul Awakening can offer guidance and support to help you understand each other better. Together, you’ll work to heal any blocks or obstacles that may be standing in the way of your growth and happiness.

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Main – Photo by Piotr Musioł on Unsplash