Heal your pain with Energy Healing

Malin Wahlstrom
Written by Malin Wahlstrom

It all started less than four years ago and yet it feels like a completely different life. In the early autumn of 2019, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. I had tried in every way I knew to increase my energy levels and make the pain in my body go away. I’d changed my diet, learned to manage my stress levels, been to different doctors, done physical therapy, regular therapy, tried massage and chiropractic treatments. I’d tried different kinds of supplements and medications. Yet still, I did not seem to get much better. Just a few weeks after I got the diagnosis I had to stop working altogether. I had never been so tired in my whole life.

The strange thing was that I was generally very happy with my life. I had a job which I liked and was good at, a lot of great friends and colleagues, a solid and loving relationship and my spare time was filled with things I enjoyed. It didn’t make any sense to me. There was something I was missing but neither I nor any of the different health practitioners I met had any idea what it was.

Setting an intention

I was told by the doctors that there was no cure and they suggested that I simply accept my illness and learn to live with it as best as I could. I would probably not be able to work and be active in the same way as before. They suggested that I adjust my life according to the diagnosis in order not to make it any worse than it was. The doctors’ vision of my future seemed quite bleak and uncertain to say the least. Right there and then I made a choice which would change my life forever. I consciously decided that I would not believe in the future they were describing. I set a firm intention to live a happy, healthy and good life. I had no idea at the time how I would do it, just that it was the right thing for me. That powerful intention became the starting point of a healing I had no idea existed at the time, the healing of my energy.

My energy was the only thing I had not focused on earlier. When I changed my focus from my body to my energy things started to change quite quickly and with greater ease. In just a few months I improved signficantly. A year afterwards I was healthier, happier and had more energy than I had ever had in my whole life. Common colds, allergies and other health issues I had earlier considered being a natural part of life disappeared.

Today I work as a practitioner of energy healing, doing sessions with children, grown-ups and animals. I meet quite a lot of people who are very skeptical about energy healing. In many ways I know just how they feel because initially I was very skeptical too. I think the main reason for this skepticism is that it focuses on something which we cannot see and is not a natural part of our worldview growing up. I felt I had nothing to lose so I tried it even though I was very skeptical about it. How could it possibly work? It made no sense to me at all. The positive change I experienced from it became the only proof I needed and I have not looked back since.

Energy Healing

I know that energy healing works, both from my own experience and from the feed-back I get from my clients. Sometimes you experience the change almost immediately but most of the time it is more subtle and builds up over time. Many people and animals recover completely while some continue over time to create relief. Some only use energy healing while others use it in a combination with other treatments, therapies and/or medication. We are all unique and we all need different things to make us healthy and happy.

Maybe you, or someone you know, are in the same situation as I was in the early autumn of 2019 right now. If so, I suggest you give energy healing sessions a try. It might turn out to be exactly what you need.

Main photo by Shahadat Rahman on Unsplash