Healing Deep Soul

White Feathers Woman – Water Rose Priestess and Medicine Woman and Grey Elk – Shaman

Well done brother/sister! The very fact that you are here reading this means your soul has been incarnated on the Mother Earth at a very important time. Congratulations are in order for you, as it’s not always an easy journey. If you find yourself reading this, it’s likely that you’re being called from deep within, summoned by a higher purpose to elevate consciousness on our planet. BRAVO!

In order for us to offer the best possible service to the Source (God/Goddess/I Am Presence, or any chosen name), it is crucial that we address and heal all aspects of ourselves that no longer serve us. These times are truly unprecedented as the amount of Holy Sophia-Christos Light floods the planet bringing everything into balance and raising consciousness.

At this time, the energy or vibration on Earth is completely new.

This uniqueness is also the reason why the healing process delves so deeply into the recesses of our souls. It facilitates an opening to love, enabling us to navigate this Earth as vessels for the Masters of Highest Light and Sound as they work through us. To achieve this, there are often elements that require healing, and this is where the potency of shamanism comes into play. It possesses the ability to heal at the deepest roots, leaving no stone unturned.

Two Drums

Some of the things we need to work through include:

  • Healing Past and Parallel Lives: It’s important to address experiences from past and parallel lives. Keep in mind that time is not linear in Great Spirit, and a parallel life may be affecting you in the present. Focus on healing only the aspects that impact you “now.” Avoid delving too deeply, as this may result in a can of worms being opened. Certain issues may not be ready to surface so wait until you are guided to work on them.
  • Deep Soul Issues: Issues within the soul may arise and remain until healed, such as energy vibrations maintaining unhelpful patterns. These can often run in sync with past lives, however, they don’t always correlate.
  • Soul Contracts: These are agreements made at the soul level that aid in learning and highlight the connection between our energy and reality. Our Energy creates our reality! Sometimes this needs changing, as the pattern doesn’t serve us. For instance, if a lesson has already been learned in a another life, there’s no need to repeat it in the current one. The reappearance of an issue may indicate a need to heal the soul contract.
  • Soul Retrieval: Past roles as a medicine person or a rose priestess/rose priest/knight may have led to persecution, resulting in present-day fears such as working with Spirit, shamanism, elements (fire or water), or small spaces (if confined). The soul, in its attempt to protect, retains powerful memories. However, if these memories hinder you from expressing your true self and reaching your highest potential -gentle healing, guided by your Highest Self, is necessary.
White Sage smudge and smudging feather

An essential point to note is that Great Spirit, at one with your I Am Presence or Highest Self, possesses the inherent understanding of your needs. It’s crucial not to approach the healing process with preconceived notions or assumptions about what you or another person might require. Instead, immerse yourself in the heart space and seek guidance from within. By doing so, the healing unfolds in a manner that aligns with the individual’s capacity to handle it. Trusting this intuitive process allows Great Spirit to discern the most compassionate and fitting way to provide assistance.

Pink rose altar for Pink Rose initiations
  • Soul Fragmentation: This occurs when the soul divides into fragments. In some instances, part of the soul may be held by another person or left behind in a specific location. The key to addressing this correctly is to follow the guidance of the person’s Highest Self. This process should be approached with kindness, care, an open heart, and respect.
  • Missing Feminine Energy: Since the resurgence of the cosmic diamond white flame, also known as the cosmic mother, there has been a profound embodiment of the loving, intuitive, innocent, and creative divine mother in both men and women. This is often linked to the womb/hara, especially for individuals who have been rose priestesses/rose knights and have previously worked with sacred feminine energy. Historically there was persecution of those who followed the rose grail path in the ancient mystery schools. These memories and aspects of soul can deeply impact relationships if not healed. Women vowed to keep the man from accessing the Goddess within them, while men vowed to remain closed off from the Goddess (Antara, 2023). This can result in issues such as mistrust, betrayal, reluctance to open up to love due to a lack of feeling safe, or barriers in understanding and connecting with your partner. The challenge lies in the fact that the mind cannot always comprehend the pain arising from the soul. Once this pain is extracted from the soul, “aha” moments may occur, bringing about noticeable changes. The healing process can sometimes unfold in layers, but addressing the root cause often leads to a significant transformation.

In the process of deep soul releases, where the primary goal is always to liberate patterns at their source, it may resemble a somewhat “soul-wrenching” experience. This involves the expulsion of intense energies from the soul manifesting as emotions. Engaging in activities like dance, sound expression, or even thumping a pillow can serve as effective methods for releasing these energies.

Supporting and facilitating this release is crucial. One effective approach involves refraining from redirecting any negative energy back to the person involved in the issue. Instead, express and release the emotion, requesting Mother Earth to absorb it and transmute it. Subsequently, connect with the higher self of the person involved, articulating your feelings from the heart. This ensures that you’re not contributing to any karma emerging for healing and release.

The Ho’oponopono prayer proves to be a potent tool in unblocking energies during the healing process. Its affirmations…

“I am sorry, please forgive me, I forgive you, I love you, I thank you, and I release you now back to your proper place in the Universe”

…can be employed. Additionally, if speaking on behalf of the Ancestors, you can use the “we” form within the prayer for collective healing.

  • Blocked Masculine Energy: The blockage of masculine energy, present in both men and women, can manifest as individuals not fully embracing their power, failing to stand up for themselves, or not confidently pursuing their purpose because of fear of external disagreements or judgments. As we embrace our healthy masculine it helps us to reconnect to the primordial unmanifested energy within us and to stand in our power as open hearted, connected human beings.

As all energies harmonise within us, open your soul, feel your heart, embrace it all, and say thank you!

Dearest one, your purpose is to be a vessel for Great Spirit, allowing the Highest Love to flow through you in a way that resonates with your heart. Our hope for you is to discover a path that allows this love to effortlessly flow.


Leyolah Antara 2023, Tantric Rose Mystery School. https://leyolahantara.com/

Main – Photo by Michael Walk on Unsplash