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Why do we look for holistic therapies and yoga?  To calm the mind, de-stress or to simply find a natural therapy that will help treat our ailments?

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Many individuals suffer from skin complaints and pile on the lotions and potions that the pharmacy or doctor has prescribed. Does this help? It may certainly ease the discomfort but what is causing it? Why does it happen? This is where a nutritionist may be able to help you.

Our skin is the largest organ of the body and is for protection, regulates our temperature, protects our bones and muscles and senses touch. When the skin reacts to inflammation, hormones, over activity of the immune system or a virus, a nutritionist can help to find the cause and create a personalised plan to reduce the symptoms and in many cases, provide a stronger immune system and a healthier gut, thereby providing inner health. When these steps are taken, the skin will not be under attack so much and symptoms will decline.

Rosacea is a condition that not many doctors understand and very little information is available out there on ‘Dr Google’.  “So how can a nutritionist help with that?”  I hear you ask!

Case Study

Let’s take Mary. She is 42 years of age, works full time, has two teenage children and is financially stretched. Mary came to see me as I specialise in skin disorders. Mary was finding her cheeks and nose were beginning to form a red rash and the skin was hot and bumpy. She had tried lots of steroid creams and although they calmed the area she was finding her skin was extra sensitive now.

Health & Wellness

Nutritionists take over an hour in consultations so that we can look at all the body systems to establish any deficiencies that may be evident. In Mary’s case, stress was exasperating her skin condition as well as a slight imbalance of hormones. The steroids were also thinning the skin therefore the area was more sensitive. Together we formulated a diet that was plant based to assist with the hormone imbalance as well as look at her lifestyle and skincare choices.

Mary admitted never taking time out for herself so relaxation therapies were suggested. Yoga and meditation were high on the list as these activities wouldn’t make her hot as other activities would, raising the skin temperature and causing more redness and discomfort.

Two months later Mary came to see me and her skin looked 90% better. She has continued with her diet, a gentler skincare routine and her relaxation therapy.  Mary felt more confident and was certainly more relaxed.

Link: Further information on Rosacea

Photos by rawpixel and brooke lark on Unsplash