Instant Emotional Healing with Liz Alexander

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Liz Alexander
Written by Liz Alexander

Fed up of always feeling tired, anxious and unfulfilled with your life? No matter what you do, you can’t seem to shift this low feeling that hangs over you each day?

You certainly aren’t alone if you relate to these feelings because it is estimated that 1 in 4 people will suffer with some form of mental health problem each year, with many people being signed off work with stress and anxiety.

Whilst there are many forms of traditional and holistic forms of counselling and self-help, I have truly found that ThetaHealing™ stands out from the therapy/healing crowd! It is a relatively unheard of therapy yet it packs a potent punch by solely focusing on a subconscious level whereby deep and instant healings can take place!

Is INSTANT emotional healing really possible?

Yes it is! Though, like with any other therapy, you have to truly be ready to face up to past events that have caused pain and be ready to let go!

By working on a deep subconscious level and pinpointing root causes of traumatic life events, negative belief patterns and energetic distress, this can be instantly released through the Theta Brainwave. Furthermore, freeing you from attachments to harrowing events. As a result, you no longer feel like a prisoner in your own body and mind.

For many of us, emotional pain is triggered in times of conflict and the reason for this is that someone’s behaviour can deeply upset you, if it has struck a chord with feelings of inadequacy, fear of rejection as well as feeling fear towards certain situations. By accessing your root memories where such feelings first occurred, we are able to help you to identify why certain people and their behaviours upset you and how to no longer attract these sorts of individuals into your life.

If you find yourself constantly attracting “low energy” people who only come to you with drama and you feel drained as a result of this, you could have the beliefs that it somehow serves you to let others emotionally drain you, in order for you to be loved and accepted by them. Healers and therapists most commonly hold on to these beliefs and by working together in a ThetaHealing™ session, you free yourself from these unhealthy patterns whilst learning that you can be loved, respected and accepted without absorbing other peoples low energy or constantly attracting challenging situations.

ThetaHealing™ sessions with Liz Alexander

I am deeply passionate about ThetaHealing™ and the powerful benefits it has had on my clients. I ensure that each session is conducted in a warm, friendly yet professional environment where my clients feel comfortable and confident enough to address traumatic events without having to relive the trauma.

A session consists of meditation based counselling and energy work whereby memories are accessed through the Theta Brainwave as well as surrounding negative belief patterns that have developed as a result. These memories are accessed by way of a natural intuition and discussing my findings with my client. We then work on releasing the painful energetic attachments to the memories as well as the negative belief systems. My clients are able to look at each life event through a different perspective and as a result, this allows them the emotional freedom they have been looking for.