Is Sugar really as addictive as Cocaine?

Is sugar addictive
Kraig Valentino
Written by Kraig Valentino

Ever noticed how you can never just have one sweet, one bite, one nibble? One turns into two and before you know it, you’ve finished the lot. Yep we have all done it. Or you get that craving for an unnecessary slice of something sweet and gooey deep in the night? Or a quick finger swipe of that cake? Yep we have all done it.

Well now we know. Just when you were feeling like you had no self control- here is the answer.

We all know that we all eat far too much sugar. That sugar is too readily available for our consumption. Sometimes consciously, but often unconsciously, we are constantly eating sugar. A quick glance at the sugar content on packaging is usually pretty shocking. Take an ordinary bowl of museli, did you know that 100g of museli is about the same as 2 ½  teaspoons of sugar? Or that 100g of baked beans is about the same as 2 ½  teaspoons of sugar? Browse the complete list from, or download this really useful app from that will give you the exact fat, salt and sugar content in your food, after you take a quick picture of the barcode – genius!

So what happens when we eat sugar?

We like eating sugar because chemicals are released in the brain when we eat it. Opiods and dopamine are unleashed so we feel a surge pleasure. The more we eat, the more we need, because our body gets used to the level of sugar, so next time we have to eat more sugar to get that same chemical high – that sugar rush. Read more about the chemical effect that sugar has on your brain here at Further research has shown that the effects of this immediate chemical release from sugar is ‘more robust than cocaine’. Find out more about the chemical release from sugar here at

Sugar serves as “fertilizer” for pathogenic microorganisms and yeast, causing them to rapidly multiply!

5 ways to eat less sugar

The struggle is that we are dealing with much more than just willpower. This is where a holistic nutritional therapist can really help. Willpower will help us for a day, an afternoon, a few hours, and then the cravings will come. Moreover, food companies are filling our food with unnecessary hidden sugars, so when we make what we think is healthier choice, we soon find out, that those foods are still full of sugar.

So what to do? How can we eat less sugar?

1. Almond Butter

Full of protein and fibre, almond butter is a really popular alternative to sugar. You can use it in a variety of ways and even make your own. Check out here to find out how to make your own almond butter.

2. Fruit

We all know that we should eat more fruit. So why not think of it as a conscious choice when we want something sweet? Brimming with natural sugars and vitamins, we have a huge variety to choose from. Read this list of 15 unusual fruits to try at

3. Eat full balanced meals

Eat carefully planned meals that have a good balance of protein, vegetables and tubers. Visit the Health & Rejuvenation website to browse the selection of healthy, balanced meal ideas.

4. Raw honey

Honey is really versatile and has been consumed by humans since ancient times. Naturally energizing, it is packed full of goodness, including antioxidants, and can also be used to treat wounds too. Find out the top ten health benefits of raw honey at

5. Dates

Dates are crammed full of vitamins, minerals and fibre. Eat them raw or cooked. Their sticky, sweet consistency makes them perfect for baking too. Learn more about 7 reasons to eat dates here at natural

For more ideas / support or to book a session email: and start restoring your natural balance today.