Maintain a High Energy Field

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Nina Sell
Written by Nina Sell

How to maintain a High Vibe Energy Field in Daily Life

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It is so easy to get bogged down with stuff and clutter of all sorts in everyday life isn’t it?

Whether at meditation classes or healing sessions so many times I hear sentences uttered by my clients such as: “I feel so stressed these days”, “My energy is so low and I feel so tired”, “I wish I had more energy”, “I find it difficult to switch off”, “I cannot sleep properly anymore”, etc … The list is endless. So here is what I tell them:

Self-care and self-nurture are vital to keep your own energy levels high. How can you look after others if your own energy field is depleted and you are running on empty?

Over the years I have observed, experimented with my own energy levels and I would like to share with you here 10 highly effective and inspirational ideas on maintaining a high vibrational energy field:

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  1. Read, watch, listen to inspiring, positive and uplifting words/articles/writings/news reportage and stay clear of any negative heavy 3D stuff.
  2. Ditch the telly, go out in nature, exercise, move your body, check your diet and nutrition.
  3. Stay clear of gossip and avoid “mood-hoovers” and “negative nellies” of all sorts, instead surround yourself with people and things that uplift you and generate positive energy for you.
  4. Watch your attitude. Are you the victim? The rescuer? Or are you the one who is in charge of your life?
  5. Create mindful moments: Take time out to re-connect with yourself throughout the day. Relax and breathe! Whenever you feel yourself hurtling along, just stop and pause for a moment, centre yourself and breathe – breathe – breathe. Then re-connect and continue to go with the flow of life.
  6. Go about your day with your intuition switched on and with awareness and allow your inner SATNAV to guide you.
  7. Start and finish each day with a grateful heart. Develop an attitude of gratitude. Before you get up in the morning as well as before you go to bed in the evening ask yourself: What am I grateful for at this present moment, what is good in my life right now? Try and list at least 3 then increase to 5 and eventually 10, maybe more.
  8. Be grateful for what you have. Saying thank you to the big and small moments regularly will bring more good things into your life.
  9. Turn worry into prayer / positive affirmations / mantras and check in on your inner guidance and act accordingly.
  10. Don’t take Life too seriously, laugh often and laugh much. Remember: Fun and Play is the Angels Way, so it can be yours too!

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